Membership and test session registration is done through our Membership and Testing Registration Site.

Virtual Test Sessions:

FCFSC will be conducting monthly virtual tests except for February and June.

  • Registration: Entryeeze
  • Test Chair: Chrissy Bennett
  • Registration Opens – The 1st of every month
  • Registration Closes – The 20th of every month
  • Video Submission: To be posted each month in registration

U.S. Figure Skating Testing
As a skater advances and becomes more proficient in their skating skills, U.S. Figure Skating, through member clubs, offers test sessions in order for skaters to qualify for various levels of competition. In testing, skaters do not compete against other skaters, but are judged according to how well they complete the required elements for the test they are taking. USFS Judges watch the skater perform the required elements and determine if the test is passing. If so, the skater can then move to the next level in pairs, synchro, freestyle, moves in the field, and ice dancing.

When Do I Test? You and your Private Coach will determine when you are ready for a test. Test sessions are available at different times throughout the year. Your coach will be able to tell when and where the testing is. U.S. Figure Skating sponsored test sessions are also available through clubs at other ice skating rinks throughout the country.

How do I register and pay for a test session? Visit the Entryeeze link at the top of the page. If you are a member then log in and go to the testing session tab where you will be directed from there.