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There is no need to close and reopen the file. If you Close and Save the file, Rhino will automatically assume you want to edit its current contents.
Open a new file in the DTP (drawing template) app and continue as normal.

3D Surface to 2D
The best way to get 2D drawings to look good in DTP is to create a surface from a 3D one. Here are some tips:

Create a new drawing in DTP, then go to the 3D workspace in the menu.
Insert a 3D object, then press the E key or select the “Insert” menu and choose “Surface From 3D Object” and choose Rhino from the 3D Model menu.

See the following “Guide” video:

If you have a multi-part scene that is a collection of 3D models, you can select one of the individual parts in the 3D workspace and generate a surface from it.

If your model uses the “meshes” feature to generate a skin (i.e. the surface for the outside of the model) you can select the surface you want to use in the surface menu and choose “Create B-Spline Surface”.

If the model has a solid outside surface, you can manually render the solid surface in the command line with the Rhino “SurfaceToPoly” command. See the manual for the command in Rhino Help.

Building 3D models in Rhino
Step 1 – Draw the model.

The first step is to draw the object using a drawing tool. Here is a simple illustration of how to draw a door in Rhino.

Step 2 – Model the geometry and texture.

After the initial drawing, we need to add the geometry (the face of the door) and texture (the color of the door).

Tip: If you are building a 3D model for use in a PDF file, you need to make sure that the model is well-proportioned.

Step 3 – Generate the surface.

The model generated in step 2 has two faces, only one is visible. In order to make the models appear more like real objects, we need to “surface” one of the faces (or the “back side”).

Step 4 – Save the model.

Press the Save As menu item, or press the Ctrl+S keys, and save the file in the folder where your drawing templates are saved. http://yarekhorasani.ir/?p=189251


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