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Is tf.nn.l2_loss equal to tf.reduce_mean(x*x + y*y)?

I have an array:
a = np.array([[5, 5],
[6, 6]])

And I have another array
b = np.array([[7],

Is it possible to use the transpose of a and b, i.e.
tf.nn.l2_loss(a, b)

to get the same result as tf.reduce_mean(a*a + b*b)?


You could use tf.where():
import tensorflow as tf
a = tf.constant(np.array([[5, 5],
[6, 6]]), dtype=tf.float32)
b = tf.constant(np.array([[7],
[8]]), dtype=tf.float32)
tf.where(tf.equal(a, b), tf.zeros(a.shape, dtype=tf.float32), a * a + b * b)

This will result in:
>>> a = tf.constant(np.array([[5, 5],
… [6, 6]]), dtype=tf.float32)
>>> b = tf.constant(np.array([[7],
… [8]]), dtype=tf.float32)
>>> tf.where(tf.equal(a, b), tf.zeros(a.shape, dtype=tf.float32), a * a + b * b) https://treeclimbing.hk/2022/06/07/clockwatch-pro-crack-full-product-key-free-latest/


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