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What would you do if you were the mayor of a city?
If yes, if only … as they say …
Therefore, I will simply say: as a citizen and a Petersburger.
I recently wrote a short note “Red Banner Group: Gain or Loss?” and a whole series of articles about the indignation of the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg with the lack of attention of the authorities to the problem. In response to my articles, a trial began on the site, where my articles “hung”. As far as I understand, the filing of a lawsuit from the word “absolutely” will soon be protested. In this regard, I am compelled to speak again.
Judge for yourself. Deputies (representatives of non-parliamentary parties) declare at a meeting of the State Duma on behalf of the city that “observe the law, we should not dig the foundation and props on the architectural monument, the supporting structure cannot be touched, but the fact that the architectural monument is being destroyed is not very good, because the area around the monument must be preserved in its original form.
Is everything okay here?
Members of the Council for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage speak to Dmitry Ionin, a deputy from the ESD: “This architectural monument is unlikely to be of cultural value, which is confirmed by the conclusion of the state historical and cultural expertise conducted at the Andrey Rublev Central Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art, which states that this monument of architecture is in disrepair.”
The federal media write: “A whole system has been discovered in Yekaterinburg: some officials demand that the mayor’s office allocate land for development, while others sell it along with historical buildings and resell it again.”
A “dangerous monument” is a monument of architecture of federal significance, located at the address: Lenin Avenue, 36.
I’ll call this building “Spare Planet”.
The culprit of the devastation has not been established: the signatures of those who put their signatures under the “historical document” have never been found anywhere.
To the question of our journalist, what amount is on the verge of legal? He answers: “a million euros”.
Why go so far, the answer is right at hand: if you believe the video made by one of the defenders of the monument, Colonel-General Poltavchenko is standing in the background, and Alexander Sychugov, head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Sverdlovsk Region, is nearby.
The building is federally owned, in case anyone doesn’t know. At the time of filming, mailboxes hung on the building.
Draw your own conclusions, as they say.
And what conclusions did you draw?



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