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Prison Break. Documentary about prisoners in prison or on death row, who break out of prison or are released from prison.

Prison Break torrent reviews

Hans says: A very interesting movie, that focuses on how an amature/docentus can change his life and become a great man

Tony M. says: Have been looking for this movie for a while! It is excellent! I would recommend it to anyone! Highly suggestible.

Christina says: This documentary was beyond informative. By the end of the movie, you have a general idea of what it is like to be in prison and work a prison job. A job is actually a good thing, in my opinion. I feel you shouldn’t be stuck in the “prisoners in a cage for a lifetime” mentality. If you commit a crime, you should do the time for it. The documentary doesn’t come across that way. The best part of the film was the questions by the main character. We don’t want a bunch of “good guys” or “bad guys” but just people who want to be in prison. Some of the questions he was asked were pretty weird. They weren’t “Why did you do it?” but rather “Can you explain why you did it to me?” It was also informative to see the different stages of the prison system, the different prison jobs, and the different types of felonies/misdemeanors. It was definitely a good educational tool. I would recommend it to anyone who is curious to what it’s like in prison, and to all the prison employees who are thinking about leaving their job.

Keenan says: Very good movie about a career prison officer and his transition into the world outside of prison. The movie’s a little short but well made.

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AlanaSays: Ok. Had a few problems with this one, would rewatch before giving it 5 stars.

Archanasays: What a wonderful documentary, I’m a huge Prison Break fan, but The Choice is probably my favorite episode. This movie was a pleasure


Prison Break Episode Guide: Season 1

Season 1

Sets “Prison Break” in Fox River State Penitentiary, takes place on November 22, 2003 to November 23, 2003. In an attempt to break out of prison after getting out of another facility, the loose tangle of cables of an electrical line get pulled tight and severely electrocute an already trapped pair of brothers, Aaron and Michael Scofield. Michael, a con in Fox River, and an associate, Mahone (a less fortunate cons inside a cell named Lincoln Burrows) try to break loose and escape. The brothers are aided by Lincoln and Maricruz, to escape the cell block they are assigned to and eventually be placed in a room that holds only one escapee, along with series co-stars Wentworth Miller, William Fichtner and Daniela Ruah. However, a prison guard takes a nap on the job and the room is unguarded and the brothers make a break for it. The escape, although initially successful, results in the brothers making a very bad mistake to trigger an alarm that attracts the attention of the authorities and quickly deactivates their escape. Michael tells Aaron (who is still in prison, not released) that he tricked the guard into taking a nap and allowing the escape. The guards being alerted, bring the two brothers back in. Michael says that he knows a quieter way out, but Aaron tells him not to. Little does he know that the prison is wired for sound, and everyone can hear Michael’s plan. The prison is bombarded with police, and a guard, realising how much trouble the two brothers have gotten themselves into, calls the police, who bust in and place them in solitary. In solitary, the two brothers find an electrical wire and cut it, making a connection to the outside. The guard in solitary finds them and scolds them for the disturbance, then apparently calls the police while the brothers get away. They find a key to their old cell block from when they were in for a bank robbery. Having gained their freedom, Michael wants to get his brother out of prison. The brothers set off on a prison walk, making their way to a tunnel that goes to the prison hospital, where Michael finds a chaplain (Father Paul Cody) who tells him that he can get custody of his brother. The two brothers make it to the tunnel, but getting in the car is not easy. Meanwhile, the prison warden, Dr. Tancredi



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