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Knights And Merchants Tsk Free Download


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It features heavily influenced on and takes place in “a post apocalyptic
man-made landscape with lush vegetation …

“The game is set in a post-apocalyptic environment with lush vegetation and beautiful weather.
Game Background
Located in the mountains of central Europe, there is a small kingdom which has survived in a violent world. The land is ruled by a wise and kind king. And with his power he has created a fair kingdom which he cares for. His daughter however doesn’t love him, but the land. She’d rather live in the lush, fertile mountains.
The princess’ plan to destroy the land to create her own kingdom fails. But with the unexpected power of the forces of darkness, the Kingdom’s power is broken and her family is forced to flee. They settle in a small woodland kingdom where she decides to stop the game.
User’s account is used to create characters and to manage them. The game features 32 characters and 16 recruitable units. The game features various character abilities and has several :

4 game modes
4 difficulty levels
Friendly fire (only the two character with the lowest level of command skill will know when and how to use them)
Enemies are randomly generated (The game also includes a moveable map for playing with friends)

Character creation

Character creation consists of 6 options :
Head : a colour combination and a level of horns
Body : hair styles, body shape, skin colour, eyes, hat style, facial hair style
Weapon : weapon type, plate type, number of weapons, and Weapon/Armor damage ratio
Item : Armour, Hat, Hood, Travel pack, Main Quest
Movement : types of mounts
Ability : special abilities, level of command skill, general ability, health, damage per second, range, damage type
Character statistics are always randomized.

Main missions
The goal of the main missions is to beat the computer controlled village. In case the player kills one character of a village, they’ll have to beat the rest. When the player is finished with a village, he will receive a reward from the king. If the player wins the king will praise him and start another adventure. If the player kills the king, he’ll lose the game.

was released in April 22, 2003 on Windows, and in April 22, 2003 on Mac OS. Its reviews and ratings are mainly positive.

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Knights And Merchants Tsk Free Download

Category:1998 video games
Category:Fixed shooters
Category:Linux games
Category:Windows games
Category:Windows-only games
Category:Strategy video games
Category:Single-player video games
Category:DOS gamespackage remoteloop;

import java.util.Random;
import java.util.concurrent.Callable;
import java.util.concurrent.Executor;

import remoteloop.timet, remoteloop.timet.Remotetime;

// TODO: update old code to use actual class

* @author Andrew D.G. Thornton (

// TODO: use actual class
public class TimedLoop {
Random rand = new Random();
// Time it took to run the main loop.
// In practise, you’ll probably never need to change this
public int timeToLoop;
// Start an Execution thread, and terminate it once looping has finished
public Executor executor;
// The main loop
Callable loop;

public TimedLoop(int time, int threadCount) {
timeToLoop = time;

if (threadCount > 0) {
// Execute the loop
loop = new CallableLoop(timeToLoop);
executor = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(threadCount);

public void close() throws InterruptedException {

// Wait until the executor has terminated
while(executor.isAlive()) {

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I’m creating an app that intercepts keyboard events and if the user presses a key, my app will perform a different function than when the keyboard is not focused.
When I start my app first thing, it works great. However, if the app is already running in background



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