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Music: "Out of the Fire" Jim Johnston (June 19, 2000 – Nov 12, 2008)
Release group: “Common Sense Media” (Edinburgh, Scotland, Russia)
Inspired by music and poetry, Jim Johnson was born in Edinburgh and raised in Alice Springs. Graduate of Chalfont College, Evanston, Edinburgh. For some time he was choir director, and in this role he collaborated with such performers as Norma Jean Baker, Buster Keaton and Eddie Murphy.
Jim Johnson wrote various pieces of music and personally participated in the recording of the “Common Sense” album and the band. His own band began playing in 1988 after he moved from his home in South Yorkshire to London, where he still resides. The four-piece group consists of Johnson, guitarist and vocalist Brian Campbell, vocalist Veronica Stewart, bassist James Granger and drummer Colin McDonald. Johnson is a well-known author and performer of his own songs and albums. In the past few years, he has managed to collect over 200 songs in his own performance.



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