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OmniThreadLibrary Activation Code abstracts the threading mechanism and offers you a great number of powerful structures to manage threads. It is based on pascal and uses a protected inheritance base.
It is a thread safe library and it fully supports multi-threading.
Support a wide range of coding styles, because it provides complete wrapper classes with intuitive interfaces for you to use.
It abstracts all the low-level functionality of the TThread type, like
aborting, exiting and stopping.
The main strength of OmniThreadLibrary is its combination of simplicity, power and multi-threading capability.
Using OmniThreadLibrary, you can quickly get a working multi-threading application up and running.
– Powerfull low-level threading and synchronization system
– Thread pool management and cancellation
– Mechanisms for inter-thread communication
– Tasks management
– Priority
– Custom Thread data structures
– Aborting
– Exiting
– Staying on an object during task
– Canceling
– Easily reusable structures
– High level of multi-threading support (parallel tasks, tasks parallelism)
Unzips to the OmniThreadLibrary directory (means c:\OmniThreadLibrary).

For basic documentation, look in c:\OmniThreadLibrary\Docs\.

For Visual Studio based Delphi, look in c:\OmniThreadLibrary\DCLTools\OmniThreadLibrary\doc.

For documentation, look in c:\OmniThreadLibrary\Docs\.

For more detailed documentation, go to OmniThreadLibrary documentation page.

For more complex functionality, go to the OmniThreadLibrary reference page.

Unzip to C:\OmniThreadLibrary

To use OmniThreadLibrary, simply include OmniThreadLibrary.pas. If you use PASCOM, you don’t need to reference OmniThreadLibrary.pas, since it is in the PASCOM components list.

OmniThreadLibrary TThread and TTask classes are found in the OtlCommon or OtlCommon and OtlParallelTasks components.

OmniThreadLibrary is available for :

Delphi 4 : [UPDATED]
Delphi XE : [UPDATED]

OmniThreadLibrary Free Download For Windows

This library is developed as an open source project. It is completely free of charge and its source code is available to everybody. It is a well structured object-oriented library with events, messaging, simple tasks and many more useful objects.
OmniThreadLibrary Crack Mac comes with sample projects, so you can understand how it works in a rather small and simple project. It is also extremely powerful, so you can use it for complicated tasks, even if you are not a seasoned threading expert.

Never-ending Threading and Communication Loop
Synchronization, Communication, and Events
Simple Tasks and Managing of Threads
Simple and Compatible with Posix Threads
Restarting Non-Blocking Tasks
More than 25 objects, including Reusable Structures



OmniThreadLibrary Serial Key –
A threading library based on windows completion port. No use of WaitForMultipleObjects or critical sections. Safe for multiple threads and windows. Great for real-time multi-threaded applications.


I’m a fan of the Fatzas Fast Components, they’re also open source and have been around since Delphi 2 (though one of the original authors prefers to be known only as CW).

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OmniThreadLibrary With Serial Key

OmniThreadLibrary is a layered library. There are three main layers: basic low level threading, communication, and parallelism.
While the high level abstractions include task management, serialization of messages, thread pools, etc., the low level components include:

– Thread abstraction
– Fast mutex
– Condition variables
– Synchronization primitives
– Thread pool management

OmniThreadLibrary was created for the following goals:
– Make threading easy, powerful and fun.
– Use existing and affordable tools and not reinvent the wheel (like most of the other libraries).
– Provide high performance without sacrificing power and openess.

Threads in OmniThreadLibrary:
Threads are objects and behave like any object in the language. You may use them in standard functions of the language, just like you use integers, strings, etc.
Threads in OmniThreadLibrary follow the same concepts that threads follow in C, C++, Java, Delphi, etc.: Each thread has a thread handle and is associated to a thread stack. Threads may share objects and communicate with each other, as indicated by condition variables.
But unlike these languages, a thread is its own object and does not have any thread-specific state.
The whole story:
OmniThreadLibrary takes thread-specific features out of the language and puts them in a separate library. Thus, you can use OmniThreadLibrary to implement threads in C++ or C, if you wish. But you don’t have to.

OmniThreadLibrary Pros:

– Complete “out of the box” threading solution.
– Extremely fast, if you use the native Windows API (or its wrappers) and don’t abuse it.
– Extremely simple to use.
– High performance. It can be used in a multi-threaded environment with single threaded applications.
– Extremely easy to use.
– Can be used with various flavors of Delphi, including ActiveX and generics.
– Can work in console applications.
– Easily added to applications by means of a single registration point.
– Works easily with other OTL libraries.
– Easy customisation of the library, for your use.
– Integrated thread pooling with simple and fast API

What’s New In?

OmniThreadLibrary is a reusable thread library for Delphi and.NET. It implements
advanced features such as runtime DLL imports and unloading, message passing, thread-level access control, multithreading, and multiple windows.
The library has no dependencies.
The library is easy to use, there is no need to create your own synchronization code.
The library is scalable, there are no limitations on the number of threads.
OmniThreadLibrary is also easy to customize, even if your application is not multi-threaded, you can ignore anything the library does
to start a thread, handle a message, and so on.
OmniThreadLibrary supports Microsoft Windows, MSCOCOA, and OS X on Mac OS X.
OmniThreadLibrary is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2.

There is an SO repository for OmniThreadLibrary.

OmniThreadLibrary Description:
Jedi : Users of the OmniThreadLibrary will most likely be familiar with the term “Delphi-style threaded application”.
Delphi-style threaded applications don’t use OmniThreadLibrary by default. They typically use some other library. Such libraries include:
– dllimport.bpl
– dlmothod.bpl
– dlmobj.bpl
– dlnst.bpl
– dlprn.bpl
– dlstatic.bpl
– dlsem.bpl
– dlmapi.bpl
– dlgdi.bpl

Jedi is an API compatible rewrite of the “classic” Jedi (delphi-style threaded application). Jedi uses OmniThreadLibrary by default.
Jedi is not only compatible with OmniThreadLibrary but also with the other libraries.
Jedi supports multi-threaded applications that create threads on the fly (multiple forms or controls have to be in the same thread, to have decent performance).
It’s faster than Jedi.

This is an updated version of the Jedi release of November 1, 2006.
The license of Jedi has been changed, and it’s now a

System Requirements For OmniThreadLibrary:

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