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Nessj Serial Key Network Security Scanner is an easy-to-use network security scanner providing multiple information gathering techniques in a single tool. It was designed to enable quick scanning by users familiar with only limited network administrator command line commands.
■ An improved user interface
■ Session management with templates
■ Report generation using XSLT including charts/graphs
■ Vulnerability trending
■ Active Vulnerability and Trending reports
What is “Nessj”?
Nessj is a Network Security Scanner (network scanner) that verifies the security status of a network and helps you to find vulnerabilities on the computers connected to your network.
Why Nessj?
■ It is an advanced version of Nessus
■ It is a lot more detailed with rich feature set
■ It is much more user-friendly than other network scanners

■ It can be installed and run on the local machine (simple setup) or over the network (SMB file shares)
■ We provide the highly configurable engine, XSLT reports, XSLT files, and other items for the user to customize the Nessj data.
Installation on local machine
■ Download the nessj-1.6.0.tar.gz
■ Download the
■ Extract both files
■ Go to the nessj-1.6.0/
■ Go to the NessjSourceDisk/ and click on run Nessj.bat to start the Nessj Server.
When the Nessj Server is running, you can test the scanner.
■ Log into the Nessj Server using “admin” and “admin”.
■ Click on “Tools” from the left sidebar
■ Click on “Scanner ” to start Nessj

■ Click on “Create new”
■ Give the name of the new scan “Nessj” and select Nessj Server 2.6 as the Target Host
■ In the “Settings” tab
■ “Reverse Scan” is selected
■ Make sure “File Transfer” is not selected
■ (Optional) In the “Operating Systems” Tab, use a row to select the OS version from which Nessj should scan. If you do not provide an OS

Nessj Crack + Free Download

Nessj is a network security scanner for Nessus. Based on the newly introduced Sspi/TSSTS bug checking functionality, it’s an easy to use tool which allows you to easily scan for known and unknown vulnerabilities (NTLM/Pwdhash/Protected Sec) in any OS and database server. (…)
Nessj has a very user friendly graphical interface with which it is easy to setup scanning sessions.

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Nessj Keygen

Nessj is a network security scanner and printer for Nessus. Nessj prints all the Scan results as PDF, Nessus XML and Nessus.
The very general Nessus XML format is used to store all the data Nessj generates for later use with any software that can understand the XML format.
This includes tools such as the Nessus Report. To allow Nessus to retain its user friendly data display, Nessj uses an XSLT stylesheet to transform the XML to HTML on the display screen.
Session management:
Nessj allows for ‘Session Management’ by allowing you to save the most common scans and reports as a template so that when scanning and vulnerability trending is selected, the scan options will display those selected scans from the saved templates. This saves a lot of time as you only need to configure the scan settings once.
Report generation:
Nessj allows for the creation of reports using XSLT. The XSLT is flexible and allows for some degree of customisation.
In addition, you can generate a bar chart to display the results from the scan as a graphical display.
The output from XSLT can be printed to a PDF document for use with other tools or generated to a Word doc, Excel spreadsheet etc for later analysis.
Nessj Version 1.1 adds an Rss parser which allows you to download any scanned report directly to RSS reader.
The user interface has been revamped and improved. Data is now presented in a more ‘human’ way, for example the location of the vulnerability (CVE ID, VDB, Protected Scope etc) is now displayed to the left of the vulnerability number.
Reports have been created to display negative results (issues excluded from the scan). This allows for a more comprehensive overview of the scan results.
Session management can also be used to switch between scans.
Vulnerability trends:
A vulnerability trend is reported when issues are found in the latest scan (and also ignored issues from previous scans).
The Trending reports are generated by:
■ All Reports in the current session
■ Selected Reports only
■ All Selected Reports (default)
You can select to report on a single vulnerability when the ‘Report and Trends’ option is selected. A scan with multiple vulnerabilities is possible when ‘Report with Trends’ is enabled.
Nessj currently supports Nessus 2.1.
Fixed vulnerabilities can be included using the Nessus results folder and then printed using the report wizard

What’s New In Nessj?

Nessj was written to scan hundreds of hosts on large networks while minimizing its memory footprint.
The scan engine is designed to be as lightweight as possible, using a minimal amount of memory, and is optimized to use as little system resources as possible.
However it is possible to run Nessj on a single host or a single processor. It is also possible to spin up a limited number of parallel scans in either mode and the system will automatically balance the load between them based on many factors including the number of hosts scanned.
Nessj has built in session management allowing you to not worry about sessions and reconfigure the scanner easily. Nessj automatically recognizes the session’s password and remembers the host it was created on.
Nessj has built in support for PostgreSQL 9.2 and later.
Some of the key features are:
■ Scanner with minimal memory footprint
■ User friendly interface with a new help page
■ Session management
■ Report generation using XSLT
■ Direct export from the scanner to MS Excel
■ Vulnerability trending
Nessj is still in development. I would like feedback on this project, especially if you have any suggestions on features that are missing or functionality that is lacking.
You can find Nessj at:

Nessus is a trademark of the Tenable Network Security, Inc. Nessj is an open source project.

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System Requirements:

OS: XP SP3 or Windows 7 SP1 with support for DirectX 9.0c, with DirectCompute 3.0
CPU: 1.8 GHz Dual Core AMD or Intel
Videocard: DirectX 9.0c compatible VGA compatible video card with 512 MB of system memory
DirectX: Version 9.0c
DirectX Feature Level: DirectX 9.0c
HD: 1280×1024 or higher
Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual Core AMD or Intel

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