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jPdfCalendar is a handy, Java based tool designed to allow you to create a printable calendar as a PDF document from any of your images. The iText library is used to create the PDF itself.
The idea of the tool is to create the description as XML file, create PDF file according to this XML description and print PDF on color photo-printer.







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jPdfCalendar Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a standalone, multi-platform Java application. On Linux/Unix and Windows versions the user can create a “basic” PDF calendar with input printable images (bitmap, jpeg and gif images). In addition, the user can also create calendar with input images in PNG format. On Windows the user can enter a title and an index for each day (month and year) at the top and bottom of a PDF page using templates.
The features of jPdfCalendar Crack Keygen:-
Create a PDF calendar from printable images (bitmap, jpeg and gif) using iText library
Create a basic PDF calendar with input printable images (bitmap, jpeg and gif images)
Create a basic PDF calendar with input images in PNG format
Create a PDF calendar with input images in PNG format and insert a title and index at the top of the page
Create a calendar with input title, description, images (bitmap, jpeg, gif and PNG) using template
Print PDF document to color photo-printer and view the PDF document
Several methods for printing
– jPdfCalendar is an open source, standalone application. The source code is available for download and distribution.
– The images used by the application can be modified (using paint programs like Paint.NET, MS Paint or Photoshop) or re-sized to suit your liking. The application can read from many different formats, including: BMP, JPG, JPE, GIF, ICO, JP2, PNG, TIF, TIFF, DVI, PMF, J2K, ETC. PDF (as binary files) and DWG/DWF (as ASCII files).
– A temporary password (which expires after a defined time) can be created if desired.
– jPdfCalendar comes with sample code and documentation to help you figure out how to use it.
A Note On The Calendar Template
Although the calendar as shown in the image is the only calendar in the demo data, you can also create calendar(s) using your own template. (See the “Templates” option within the “Editor” menu.) That is, you can create your own template that contains labels, numbers, textual descriptions, and pictures. Please note, however, that this template does not contain any creation times; it is intended to be used to create descriptive calendars for schools and other institutions.

The application should work on other

JPdfCalendar Activator [Updated]


JPdfCalendar Crack+ Activation Key Free

– supports both horizontal and vertical orientation
– supports selection of background color
– three different sets of fonts are used – serif, sans serif and bold
– seven different background colors are supported
– two text colors are supported
– there are default line thicknesses (0, 0.2, 0.5)
– you can resize the calendar to any shape
– you can format cell’s content at the same time
– use default or user-defined font size
– use default or user-defined cell border
– use user-defined line width
– you can easily create PDF attachments
– if it doesn’t help, you can make a backup of the calendar.

Gujarati Calendar Converter – help you convert Gujarati Calendar from other platforms to Thunderbird!

The Gujarati calendar in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and certain other south-Asian countries (as a region) is counted in its own right. It begins on Rabi Ushateen 1 Muharram in the Islamic calendar, and most people use the year of their birth as the starting point. Because of this, Gujarati calendar is not a standalone calendar but a calendar which is based on both the Gregorian and Islamic calendars.

Free Gujarati Calendar Converter

Gujarati Calendar Converter lets you convert Gujarati calendar. Choose any number of Gujarati Calendar from the calendar list and download.


Gujarati Date and Time

All the Gujarati calendar events, such as birthday party, weddings, interviews, etc. are contained in the Gujarati calendar. You can use Gujarati calendar converter to convert Gujarati calendar to various date formats.

Gujarati Calendar Converter

Use the Convert Gujarati calendar tool to convert Gujarati calendar and the Gujarati calendar can be converted to any of the following date or time formats:

01 Mar 2016 to 01 Mar 2016

01 Feb 1248 to 01 Feb 1248

1 June 1789 to 1 June 1789

1 Jul 1975 to 1 Jul 1975

31 Jan 1972 to 31 Jan 1972

01 October 2008 to 01 October 2008

01 Feb 2002 to 01 Feb 2002

01 Aug 2005 to 01 Aug 2005

01 Mar 2016 to 31 Mar 2016

Show Description

If you have uploaded any Gujarati Calendar from a mobile phone, you can convert it

What’s New in the JPdfCalendar?

* Bases on iText Library
* Creates XML description according to all known tags and objects from iText library.
* Prints PDF on color photo-printer (monochrome is not supported)
* Allows to save PDF to file or send it directly by e-mail
* Can be configured to print only specific fields or to print fields that are exceeding specific size.
* Allows to hide week starts and days of the week as well.
* Allows to print only one week at a time
* Allows to print blank days between weeks

iText Gantt Chart 0.3.5
A long time ago, when I was looking for a good Java-based Gantt Chart library, I found a very good solution called iText Gantt Chart. The solution is based on iText (the powerful and widely used free Java library). It is mostly based on Formattable and in my opinion, the newest (0.4) version of iText Gantt Chart library is the best, thanks to the flexibility of the Formattable class. If you need a good Gantt Chart library, iText Gantt Chart is the best, you are free to download it and try it, it works out of the box.

ColorToHTML is a utility for generating HTML pages using color image-based background, based on DOM color manipulation. It allows to generate HTML or XHTML pages, also using the color image contained in a JPG, GIF, BMP, PGM or PCX file.

ColorToSpan is a Java utility for the users that need to automatically annotate an HTML document using its color links. It is also more or less independent from the associated color theme of the HTML document, but the results can be exported in HTML files with various themes for highlighting the links.

It is free and cross-platform, both for Windows and Linux. It uses the iText (the powerful and widely used Java library) for its HTML generation.

Ant JTidy
Ant is the build tool to run any Java program as build tool. The JTidy tool helps you to format your HTML and XML output with correct structure and strict XHTML/HTML format.

PHP XML DOM Pack can help you to easily parse, manipulate, create, and transform XML documents within your PHP script. It uses PHP XML DOM extension to

System Requirements For JPdfCalendar:

Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (All 32-bit & 64-bit)
512 MB RAM
1024 MB Disk Space
20GB Disk Space
64-bit CPU
DirectX 9 compatible video card
Lite Configuration
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