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Whether you have recently upgraded your operating system, installed or remove drivers you no longer use or are dealing with a malware infection, there are times where your file association become erroneous and results in having all your programs featuring an LNK extension.
ClearLNK is a utility that enables you to address this issue by deleting the arguments of the object that are faulty and fixing the icon of the shortcut.
It can cure or delete the non-functional shortcut
The program does not require advanced installation or configuration and you can use it as soon as you download it to your computer. The idea behind the application is to provide you with a direct way to fix shortcuts that are broken due to a wide variety of reasons, including harmful software.
Generally speaking, addressing this issue entails identifying the faulty registry responsible for this and recovering it via the System Restore function. The app spare you all this hassle and allows you to clean shortcuts by dragging and dropping them over the app. It is important to note that the shortcuts that cannot be fixed are going to be deleted.
Provides you with two options for cleaning the shortcuts
As previously mentioned, one method of using the utility implies dragging and dropping a list of broken LNK files over the shortcut. However, you will be happy to learn that you can also copy the list of shortcuts directly or from clipboard to the window and then hit the Cure button.
Regardless of the method, you should bear in mind that the application creates a log folder where all cleaning sessions are stored along with the date where they occur.
Take note that the program can solely fix incorrect objects of browser and application shortcuts. Consequentially, URLs, websites, PIF, APPREF-MS, application, browsers and ICO files are going to be wiped.
A handy tool for cleaning infected and non-functional shortcuts
In the eventuality that you are trying to start applications from their desktop shortcuts without any success, then you can try to address the registry error responsible using ClearLNK.







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A tool that not only fixes broken shortcuts, but can also delete them to recover the desktop. However, keep in mind that once you delete a shortcut, it will not come back.
One of the most important types of shortcuts is a bookmark. You should note that this shortcut brings you directly to the webpage that was previously visited and did not prevent you from losing data or applications.
A bookmark shortcut can be saved to your computer in a variety of ways, including the following:
– Saving a file to your computer as a shortcut-
Use the menu button and click on “New Shortcut”. This will create a shortcut for the file.
Once it is saved, it is easy to do with Windows. The idea behind the process is to remove the association of a file and change it to a bookmark, thereby allowing you to open the desired file.
– Changing the shortcut of a file-
Navigate to the file and open the “Edit” option. In this manner, you can simply click on “Edit Properties” and then on “Target”.
Here, you will have to replace the default file and set it as a bookmark. From here, you can use the file in the same manner as a shortcut.
– Using the registry key-
Using the registry key is a useful way of associating a file with a bookmark as this allows you to double-click on the file. This will bring it to the location specified in the shortcut.
ClearLNK is a simple application that allows you to simply browse your system and fix broken shortcuts. It is also possible to look for a registry key that is responsible for this error.
The idea behind the application is to provide you with the best user experience, while ensuring the best performance. It comes with a few handy features and is a win-win solution.
With an easy to use interface and a very user-friendly design, it is easy to use and navigate. By using the Safe Mode, you can provide a means for fixing individual shortcuts without getting the entire system infected.
The application allows you to fix 3 types of shortcuts.
The first type of shortcut is about a file that you have simply saved to your hard drive. In other words, the file is located on your local system.The most common example is a file that you have saved by yourself from a website.
The second type includes the shortcuts of files that you have installed on your computer. This type of shortcut is

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The program is designed to fix broken shortcuts in a certain period of time and offers you two options for doing so. If you choose to copy a list of files directly over the shortcut, you can simply remove the objects from a list of shortcuts and add them back. The method is very easy and convenient. However, if you are looking to handle a large number of the objects directly from clipboard, then you will need to use a web browser.
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A great way to clean or restore settings changes for any program that you have
confidently deleted!
With ClearLNK and other TCO tools, you won’t have to start from scratch for anything.
Hope you enjoy

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What’s New in the ClearLNK?

If you have an error on your machine, including the name of a file extension associated with an object, then you need to get the program because this tool can be used to fix it. You will be able to correct the registry key responsible for this issues.
Extract the zip file with the app and get the executable of the main program (Make sure to check the Readme first). In order to begin the usage, you need to drag and drop some shortcuts from any location and this application can fix the objects of the shortcuts.
For example, one of the issues that you can address is the case of extension LNK, this is important to clean the incorrect file association in Windows 7, Vista and Windows Xp. You can use it to fix shortcuts that do not work, such as drivers and browser extensions.
In addition, you can also add the object of the file extension, so you can quickly recover it.

How can you return the settings from the utilities to normal?
To restore the configuration of the network card adapter, you will need to run the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) settings of the motherboard. It’s a graphical tool that you can find in the control panel of your computer (usually in the tools section), where it is associated with the management of power features (you can find more information at the official site).
The tool will show you a list of parameters that configure your network card. To return the settings to normal, you will need to remove the following:
Power Settings
For Power Settings disable the switch Always on, and the following settings:
/ Pnapable
/ Start with power
/ Retry to turn on after sleep
/ Tries to turn on after power loss
/ Flushes the state of the device at an AC power loss (if available)
Network Settings
In order to return to the normal state of the network card settings, you need to remove the following:
The two-way dynamic virtual (DWL-121)
The two-way dynamic virtual (DWL-121) uses a technology known as Dynamic Virtual Networking (DVN) in which the network adapts automatically to match your system’s network capacity. This function is used to help you save energy, as well as maintain greater performance for other network components. The default setting is not to offer this technology. To disable this setting, do the following:
Click Start, then Control Panel, then Network and Internet, and finally Network and Sharing

System Requirements For ClearLNK:

OS: Windows XP SP2 (32bit)
Processor: 800MHz
Memory: 128MB RAM
Display: 1024×768 resolution
Graphics: Pentium III 1.8 GHz
Hard Drive: 30MB
Additional Notes: The support for the firmware update is no longer guaranteed, if the update does not work, you can download the system again, please note that no refund will be granted.#’ Report all unsplit analysis results
#’ @param modal_tbl a table of’mod

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