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Ameol is an easy to use email manager. It has some unique features like the ability to mark messages as read or unread, a spell checker and a threaded message display.
Thank you for your time and if you are looking for something to enhance your correspondence to your consumers, colleagues and friends, give Ameol a try.
Visit the website:
Ameol TeamFrom U.S. Pat. No. 3,856,915 there is known a device for measuring the density of volatiles in a gas stream, especially the density of oxygen in a gas stream, whereby a continuous sample of the gas stream flows between two cells, in each of which a sample of the gas stream is separated into its constituents by adsorption of the volatiles. The cells have walls which on one side are movable, that is to say, on their permeable side, relative to the gas stream. In each of the cells is provided a thin, flow-resistant, steel pipe with a circuit for an electrical parameter, which is also porous, which exhibits constant electric resistance in the presence of a constant oxygen concentration.
The gases flowing through the cells are carried by a current of oxygen ionizing molecules, thus forming oxygen atoms. The oxygen atom current is carried off by a current of non-oxidizing molecules. The parameter may be a difference between voltage and current, since the process of generating the oxygen atom current is is dependent on the fact that there is oxygen and a flow of air. In the receiving cell there is in turn the reversed current, that is to say, a current of non-ionizing molecules. In this cell the oxygen atoms are oxidized and the parameter is a voltage, which is reversed for the oxygen ionizing current in the same cell.
The systems for measuring volatiles in a gas stream, which use a porous material permeable to oxygen in the form of a circuit with constant electric resistance, suffer from the disadvantage of considerably varying output signals depending on the amount of oxygen adsorbed in the pores, the porous material having to be exchanged frequently, since the value of the electric resistance is influenced by the amount of oxygen. In addition, the porous material is subject to very high wear. The measuring system is furthermore complicated in construction, expensive, consumes a large amount of power, and due to this complicated construction, is easily subject to error. In the measuring systems which use a porous material permeable to oxygen

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Ameol is a simple text-based application designed for managing your CIX conferences and newsgroups. It runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.
■ Display
Ameol can display conferences, newsgroups, and emails just like you read on the web.
■ Send mail
It includes basic filters and a built-in mail server that allows you to communicate between groups via email. It also allows delivery to multiple accounts for each user.
■ Send your own mail to multiple accounts.
If you are an ISP, Ameol can allow you to join the CIX and another 20+ newsgroups without actually owning the newsgroups.
■ Conference Moderation
Submit each conference name to the CIX for approval. It will generate a conference name for you as well as a link to get there.
■ Conference Directory
This is the back-end room list. It contains information on conference room availability, and room access restrictions.
■ Directory Editor
If a conference name is submitted to the CIX for approval, the CIX will generate a list of approved room names. The list may contain over 500 room names. Submit each room name to Ameol for availability, and to the CIX to make the room available for that conference.
■ Conference FAQ
This is the detailed documentation about every conference and newsgroup.
■ Discussion
Filtering for a specific discussion group, and to highlight specific text.
■ Spell Checker
Ameol includes a spelling checker. It will check every word and every term in a message.
■ File Attachments
Ameol allows you to attach files to a message.
■ Forum Post
Mark a message as a new post in a forum.
■ Search
Ameol can search for text in messages.
■ Threaded Message Display
Ameol displays messages grouped by conversation.
■ Message Format
Ameol can display messages in a variety of formats.
■ Set for different formats
Ameol allows you to set the messages to display in a variety of formats. It automatically sets the default view to be in HTML as well as plain text.
■ Multicast
Ameol can send a selected message to a large group of people.
■ Contact Selection
Ameol can display the contacts

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The organizing tool for the CIX Group. Along with the CIX Group Directory and CIX Events and Conferences directory. Ameol is now compatible with CIX 5.5.
Advanced features:
■ Still in Beta, consider yourself fortunate.
■ Windows (95/98/2000/XP).

This program is best used with a USB Sound Card as the source.
The program plays the sound directly from a USB sound card as one would expect, without sound driver problems!
Additional information on how to configure and use the program can be found at:

The program includes a small deck of cards. This deck can be printed on a regular 3.5×3.5″ sheet of paper, or you can also go digital, by printing each card on a CD.
You may set the deck to include Blue, Red and White suits, and each suit may contain 10 cards.

Session software that allows you to select and play the sound files you want!
Simply press play (marked on each sound file) and it will automatically play the required file. All files are in.wav format and are compressed by Microsoft’s Wave file format.

When you have more than one sound file open at the same time, the program will tell you the source file (when it is playing or not), which file is currently playing, and which sound file is playing at that time.

You can change the sound library, delete sound files, set up favorites, add and delete sound files, etc.

Sound Control:
Windows XP
Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and left click on the program icon.

2. CTRL+Select Sound File from the right click menu.

3. CTRL+Enter to start playing the file.

4. CTRL+ESC will exit the program.

5. CTRL+ESC will exit the program.

Microsoft Sound Control:
Windows 98, ME
Keyboard Shortcuts

You will need to activate Microsoft Sound Control. This is a Microsoft proprietary program which allows you to play a sound file on your computer. By pressing CTRL+Space on the keyboard you can access the sound control panel.

Here are the key words you need to search for within the “Sound Control” box:

Sound Library

All Sound Files

Sound Files


What’s New in the Ameol?

Ameol is a software tool for reading news and e-mails in CIX or email
dispatcher, and for managing email lists. Ameol is multilingual and
implements Microsoft Outlook without any problems.
Ameol is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Download the latest release.
Ameol is not affiliated with CIX Corp. or Microsoft. To see CIX’s
updated business contact details and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions),
please click here.
To read our latest news, visit CIX Corp. at

In Australia, some Internet Service Providers may restrict access to CIX
Corp’s services during very high traffic periods, due to the cost of
delivering services to so many users. In this case CIX Corp may
experience periods of inactivity or inability to keep up with demand
and may not respond to individual requests for information and
CIX Corp. can not guarantee that the information provided through this
site is always current or accurate, and the information on this site
may be subject to change without notice. The information on this
site is not intended to replace the services provided by CIX Corp or
your Australian ISP.
Ameol 1.0.21 has been used without any problems since July 2001 and has
been downloaded from over 1500 client sites with 300 simultaneous
users. Ameol 1.0.21 is just a beta release and therefore it might not be
able to support all functions of your Outlook, although Ameol can
handle most functions.
Ameol 1.0.21 is recommended for Outlook 2000, 2001 and 2003.
Ameol 1.0.21 is not compatible with Internet Explorer 5.x, Windows 98,
or older versions of Windows.
Please contact us if you have any problems using Ameol 1.0.21.
You can also use Ameol from your Mac. Contact us if you can’t see or
use the online installer.
To search for messages, use the same search method as in Outlook or
Eudora. To sort messages use the same methods.
Clicking on the message will open it in your default browser.
Maintaining Ameol:
Ameol has been tested for Windows 2000, 2001 and 2003, and so far has
worked fine on all these versions.
Ameol 1.0.21 is

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 Version 1903
Processor: Intel® Core i5-7600
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Storage: 2 GB available hard drive space
Graphics: Intel® HD 620 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband internet connection
Additional Notes: Supported input devices: gamepad
Processor: Intel® Core i5-8400
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Storage: 2 GB available hard drive space

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