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AbAlarm is simple, yet efficient piece of software which can be used in order to help you create alarms and countdowns, so as not prevent you from burning food yet again.
Uneventful installation which brings you to a clean environment
The installation process is a piece of cake, as it does not bring any kind of surprises and it does not take longer than a few seconds. When you wrap it up, the interface you are greeted by encompasses a minimal and modern design. It can be used by anybody without facing any kind of problems, be they experienced or not with computers.
Using built-in templates or creating your own reminders
This software utility comes packed with a few countdown templates, developed specifically to remind you about the tea or pizza you are making. Aside from this, you can set up your own countdowns and alarms and perform a specified action when your time parameters are met.
Actions to be performed when the clock strikes
To be more accurate, you can display a text notification, play a sound from the hard drive (MP3, WAV), launch a specified web page, as well as shutdown the computer. It is possible to create multiple items, so that you can use them at a later date, while you can also choose several operations to be performed in the same time.
CPU and memory usage is minimal, which means that the system’s performance is not going to be hampered, and you can run this program along with others, without experiencing issues, even if they are demanding.
Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say AbAlarm is a good choice for people who tend to forget food on the stove. The interface is intuitive, all jobs are performed quite swiftly and our tests did not pick up on any errors or crashes.


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Download ✸✸✸ https://urloso.com/2n6obd






AbAlarm Crack + Free Download [Mac/Win]

– Create alarms to help you not burn food.
– Countdowns for everything you want to do.
– Setup your own countdowns and alarms.
– Several actions to be taken when the clocks strikes.
– Supports different time formats.
– Real-time clock included.
– Tons of additional features.
Download now.


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AbAlarm Crack+ License Key X64

To avoid over cooking your food, a countdown timer to remind you when it’s time to eat has been developed by Aleksander Klimczak. It is possible to set up your own timers and alarms with the help of this new application, which can be used without troubles.
The software provides users with a set of customizable reminders, allowing you to plan your dishes, without allowing them to spoil. AbAlarm Cracked Version is equipped with a countdown timer, which you can use to see if the pizza or the tea you are making has burnt through its time limit.
Furthermore, this program is based on an efficient system that prevents a situation where the weight of the food will smother the weight of the burner. The user interface is quite simple, making it extremely easy to use, for both neophytes and experienced computer users alike. The system has been tested for over 20 years and provides excellent results.
What’s New
Fixed a potential crash issue and some UI issues.

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AbAlarm Free Download

– Show-off your cooking skills by counting down the time before your food burns
– Large number of countdown templates available
– Use an easy drag and drop interface to customize your countdown
– Chose what will happen when your countdown expires
– Create your own countdown and alarms

Video Tutorial :
– Install Cookit Countdown
– Customize Countdown Templates
– Name and Add Reminder

AbAlarm 4.0.3 –
AbAlarm is a system that can notify you about important moments like birthdays, anniversaries, love life etc. that are approaching or have passed. Also, it is possible to create reminders for events, with time frames, countdown, and add file icons like PDF, images and videos for your reminders.
How to use:
– Drag and drop files from PC or tablet to the “reminders” folder
– Drag and drop files to the “reminders” folder
– Watch the tutorial videos
– Add contacts and family members to your contacts/families list
– Import your own PDFs/images/videos
– Countdowns
– Keep track of your actions and achievements
– New family member management features
– Start your own birthday party!
AbAlarm Description:
– Personal Countdowns, Events, Achievement and Birthday reminders
– Set up your own countdown with customized timeframes
– Add actions to your own countdowns
– New family member management
– Import your own PDFs/Images/Videos

AbAlarm Demo –
Whether you want to set a reminder for a party, an anniversary, or a birth, you can’t get any more versatile than AbAlarm. With this freeware, you can set up a countdown for a number of days, a countdown for a week, set a countdown for an hour, for a minute, for ten seconds, for a few minutes, or for only a few seconds.
Countdown rules can be created to ensure that your timer recognizes your custom countdown, and to ensure that it also recognizes the start date and time of the event.
Beyond customizing your own countdown, AbAlarm can remind you about events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or any other event that you specify.
AbAlarm Description:
– Customize your own countdown
– Set up reminders for your date or date range

What’s New in the AbAlarm?

1. Alarms

2. Reminders

3. Countdowns

4. Countdowns templates

5. Data extraction

6. Lock screen

7. System Monitoring

8. Memory usage

9. CPU usage

10. Dual pane controls

11. Log file

12. Exclude files

13. Tools

14. Cookie control

AbAlarm Features:

1. Lock screen, setting

2. Simple unlocking

3. Log screen

4. Cookie control,

5. Memory usage,

6. CPU usage,

7. Data extraction,

8. Lock screen switching,

9. Dual pane,

10. Saftey

11. Recursive search

12. Anti-crack,

13. Network monitor,

14. Alarms

AbAlarm – A Good Time Tracker, AbAlarm Pros


AbAlarm is a 7 day trial software to practice and get to know the workings of the software. It is completely free to use, so you are not going to have to pay for any month to month expenses.

Ease of use:

The interface is extremely easy to use, be it for a casual user or for someone who is an experience in this type of software. The templates and all the features are easy to understand and make for an uneventful experience.


The software is not difficult to use, making it friendly to almost anybody, whether they know little of computers or not. The interface contains all the basic information you need about the software and so, it is an extremely easy to use.


AbAlarm has a customer service team who can be contacted by email, phone or fax. So, you are not going to face any issues when using the application.


AbAlarm is completely free of bugs, a fact that is acknowledged in the software’s website. This is one of the reasons why it is among the best countdown timers you can use today.

Download speed and Performance:

If AbAlarm is slightly heavy when it comes to the memory, it is purely down to the timer’s settings and the bit capacity you have chosen. The software runs on your system without any problems and can be used without a glitch

System Requirements:

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