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Snooze Tabs is a smart browser extension part of Firefox Test Pilot, designed to help you avoid distractions, focus on work and remember important things by scheduling tabs to open at a later time when you're available.
Schedule tabs to reopen later in Firefox
Wrapped in a clean, modern-looking interface, the addon can be accessed from a small icon next to the address bar. Effects are only applied to the currently opened tab every time you perform an action.
Tabs can be scheduled to reopen later on the current or next day, next weekend, next week or month, or the next time you launch Firefox. Each of these options has default times.
Choose preset profiles, set the date and time, manage snoozed tabs
"Later Today" is set to 3 hours from the current time. "Tomorrow" means the following day at 9 am, and "This Weekend" is represented by the nearest Saturday at 9 am. "Next Week" and "Next Month" mean exactly one week and one month in the future, both at 9 o'clock in the morning. However, it's possible to choose different dates and times after selecting any option.
Once the decision is made, Snooze Tabs displays a message and asks for confirmation. It's necessary to confirm this or the event will not be taken into consideration. Afterward, the pin gets closed and reopened at the scheduled time (a message pops up in the lower-right corner of Firefox to draw your attention).
Furthermore, you can go to the tab management area where, besides viewing and deleting any snoozed tabs, you can edit the scheduled times and dates, as well as skip the confirmation messages in order to schedule the events right away.
Potentially great Firefox addon with plenty of room for improvements
For the most part, Snooze Tabs worked well in our tests. But we've noticed that the current version has several glitches. For instance, when creating a new alarm, it's only possible to change the default time, not the time, although this option is visible. In some cases, this failed to produce the desired effect (the confirmation message wasn't shown and the event wasn't added to the manager). The issue was eventually resolved by restarting the web browser.
When trying to edit the scheduled date and time, the clock disappeared sometimes. Also, in one case, the Snooze Tabs window didn't get enlarged to fit the calendar and clock. In all cases, scheduled tabs didn't reopen automatically when this should have happened after restarting Firefox (this was triggered only after clicking the addon's icon).
All aspects considered, Snooze Tabs can be a great addon for any Firefox user who easily gets distracted while trying to work or study. However, our tests have shown that it has many stability issues at the moment. We're looking forward to improvements and new features (such as writing notes to snoozed tabs).


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Snooze Tabs For Firefox With Serial Key Free Download PC/Windows [Updated] 2022

Snooze Tabs is a smart browser extension part of Firefox Test Pilot, designed to help you avoid distractions, focus on work and remember important things by scheduling tabs to open at a later time when you’re available.
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Snooze Tabs For Firefox Crack + Torrent (Activation Code)

Snooze Tabs – Window Snoozing Extensions for Firefox

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What’s New In?

Snooze Tabs is a Firefox add-on that will help you avoid distractions, focus on work and remember important things by scheduling tabs to open at a later time when you’re available.
Your browser does not currently support WebGL.

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System Requirements For Snooze Tabs For Firefox:

A PC capable of running Windows XP or Windows Vista.
Graphics requirements are based on the use of 3D games. For optimal performance, the following recommendations apply:
Supported video card:
300 series NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400
200-250 series NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150
100 series NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150
1000 series NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT/8/9 series
2000 series ATI Radeon X1950 series
1180/1150 series AMD Radeon HD4000 series

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