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As the name suggests, Portable MegaIRC is a client software that allows you to connect to IRC servers in order to exchange messages with other users. Since the Internet Chat Relay protocol is widely used for local or online communication, the program is designed to chat with users from around the world..
The main advantage of the IRC protocol is the ability to provide a flexible communication channel that can be used for both private conversations and larger chat rooms. In order to take advantage of these features, you need to use an IRC client able to connect to multiple servers.
When you use the application for the first time you need to specify the servers that you want to use. For quick access, the program includes a few servers that you can join right away without any configuration.
If you need to use a secure connection, the program offers the possibility to specify a proxy address and supports SOCKS5 connections. Random names, nicknames and email addresses can be generated from the Options window in order to quickly change you details.
The interface is easy to use and can be configured by adjusting the text colors. The app provides you with themes and preset colors in order to quickly change the overall aspect of the message window.
IRC commands are essential for the users who need to perform quick actions such as joining a channel or sending an invitation. The program allows you to use the command line or select the most popular commands from a menu. You can also execute a set of commands automatically every time you connect to a server.
In order to notice certain events, MegaIRC allows you to select different MP3, WAV or OGG files for about twenty sound notifications. You can also highlight the chat window text by creating a list of words or expressions that you are interested in.
If you need to use IRC to communicate with other people, Portable MegaIRC is a flexible application that provides all the essential tools.







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Ping, a fast operating system is basically a lightweight operating system. Since the software is not bloated, it is very fast and can be used for many purposes. Below are the advantages of using this software for everyday purposes.

Highly secure

Runs smoothly

Reduced memory usage

Simple to install

Supports multiple languages

Simple user interface

Low bandwidth usage

The latest version of this software is Ping.


Ping is a lightweight, free, stable, fast, network operating system. It has a simple user interface (that’s how I came to use it) with just a few options for configuration, but is very powerful. Ping is perfect for the home user looking for a network operating system. This software is a great alternative to Windoze, but less powerful than Linux and OS X. It does however, come with some additional features such as:

Add-ons such as firewall and parental controls

Smart capabilities such as parental controls and automatic updates

Ability to support different file formats, including:


File type – xhtml


Compressed files

Image files

E-mail attachments

Image files

Soft and hard links

Table views

Text formats – plain text

Text formats – HTML (HTML mode)

HTML formats – XHTML (extended HTML)

Text formats – formatting – Unicode (UTF-8)

Other useful functions:



Daemon monitoring

Localization support

Compression support

Ping is very stable, and comes with a support forum, as well as other community links that include a great tutorial and detailed instructions on how to use the software.

You just load it onto any Windows machine, with a FAT32 partition.

Portable Ping Description:

Portable Ping is the newest edition of Ping operating system. It runs on any Windows machine, with a FAT32 partition. This version also has some great features that makes it a great file transfer application, as well as an alternative for Windows and its operating system XP. Below are some of the many features of this software:

Flexible and simple to use

Advanced configuration

Compatible with UNIX & Linux systems

Utilize the clipboard & clipboard sharing

Ability to save session files

Ability to use keystroke

Portable MegaIRC Crack Activation Free

Version 1.17
– New: Support for MySql, Postgresql databases, used by legacy MegaIRC.
– New: Options dialog and control panel.
– New: Screen capture to Wav/Mp3/Ogg file.
– New: Login time interval can be different from sign-in time.
– New: Show group link in channel link.
– New: Copy x-server to clipboard.
– New: Users list popup in channel view.
– New: Search as filter in channel and user list.
– New: Ctrl+Q to popup link manager.
– New: Added signature file for free online signatures.
– New: Exclude requests from proxy with mode IPv4.
– New: Rebuild user list.
– New: Long dates format “%g:%G, ” or “%d/%m/%Y”.
– New: Fixed Mysql option dialog.
– New: Fixed new user option dialog.
– New: Fixed old quick user option dialog.
– New: Added TestCPU method to CPU checker.
– New: Added option to enable captcha mode for login.
– New: Added Private mode option to web page.
– New: Fixed plugins menu.
– New: Fixed Bug when user have more than one incoming connections.
– New: Fixed bug when header is not set in info dialog.
– New: Added setting to ignore messages.
– New: Added menu to split screen by using half of it.
– New: Added compatibility with old configuration files.
– New: Added warning message when unavailable servers are used.
– New: Added new messages popup on bottom line.
– New: Added time/date on new messages.
– New: Added right click on users to create private chat with.
– New: Added support for Proxy Connect.
– New: Added support for mannual proxy selection.
– New: Added nick as host.
– New: Added support for new Userlist panel.
– New: Added favorites in user list.
– New: Added settings to customize scrollbar size.
– New: Added option to enable right click.
– New: Added option to disable session restore on exit.
– New: Added option to show file name in info dialog.
– New: Added option to clear user list on login.
– New: Added option to enable user list panel.

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What’s New in the Portable MegaIRC?

Dropbox is an online service that provides a virtual box in which to store files.
The service is integrated into Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS and iOS operating systems and is compatible with Windows and Mac laptops. You can access your files across all your devices on the same iCloud account.
In order to simplify the storage of important files, the program has the option to synchronize them with your computer and your mobile devices.
Files can be stored in the program for a predefined period of time or you can specify how many days or hours that you want to keep them. You can then organize the files, create subfolders or share your favorites with others.
Online or offline mode can be enabled in order to store your files even if you are not connected to the Internet. As soon as you get online you can send your files to the cloud.
A special folder can be used for backing up your files. The folder is created in the program and used as a container in which to store your files. When you change the folder to your home, the program will automatically backup all the files that you have saved in it.
There are various encryption options when you store your files in the cloud.
When you send files from your computer, they will be transferred online in parallel and not one by one.
The Dropbox interface is easy to use and you can also create widgets to improve the way you manage your files. You can define three different views that allow you to display the information in a different way.
In order to open an existing folder, the service provides you with direct access to the files. When you are connected to the Internet, you can use the Android application or the web interface to access the files that you have saved in the Dropbox cloud.
The program is free for all the users and can be configured in a number of different ways. You can create your own folder or you can add a special application for a particular device.
You can also schedule an automatic backup, rename or add a date or time to the file name. The program also provides you with an option to store your files in a folder for a number of different number of days.
A special feature of Dropbox is that the service automatically backs up your files.
To conclude, Dropbox is a simple and convenient tool that allows you to easily backup your files and add them to the cloud.

Dropbox is an online service that provides a virtual box in which to store files.
The service is integrated into Windows

System Requirements:

Windows 10 or later
Mac OS 10.11 or later
iPhone OS 10.0 or later
Android OS 5.0 or later
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