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This software is very useful for protecting your torrent files from cyber attacks. These days, cyber attacks are on the rise, so you should make sure your torrent files are safe and protected from attacks.
Torrent is a file format for sharing and downloading millions of files on a peer-to-peer network. Downloading and sharing of torrent files are done through its very own protocol which is a pretty complex one. Every time you add a new torrent file to the list, you need to set the unique identification for it. The unique identification or ID for a torrent file is generally known as the PASSPHRASE.
Torrent files are commonly shared between several users. So, the PASSPHRASE is the only thing that can secure your private and sensitive data in these files. If the PASSPHRASE of a file is compromised, your private data could be easily stolen.
If you add a new PASSPHRASE for a torrent file, you need to inform the other users who have already downloaded this file about it. This is to ensure that no other user has used the PASSPHRASE of a file in the future.
But, since your torrent files are very huge in number, the process of informing all of your peers would take a lot of time and effort. So, you need a simple and quick way to change the PASSPHRASE of torrent files, without having to communicate with all of your peers.
The PasskeyChanger tool enables you to change PASSPHRASE for every torrent file you own without the need of communicating with your peers.
With this tool, you don’t need to enter the new PASSPHRASE all the time. You need to input the new PASSPHRASE only once at the time of launching the application and use the same PASSPHRASE all the time for all the torrent files.
This application does not allow you to change PASSPHRASE for torrents that are already shared with peers.
If you are planning to share your files through torrent, you should consider using this tool, which will greatly save your time and effort.
PasskeyChanger Features:
1. Change the PASSPHRASE of Torrents
If you are using a popular torrent client like uTorrent, BitTorrent, TorrentX, and Transmission, you should get an idea about the fact that changing PASSPHRASE for a torrent file is a time consuming process.
This is because in order to


– version 1.3 includes special passkey table generation script
– you can generate a table of passkey/hash pairs
– if you like, you can also edit existing key/hash pairs
– the program works with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X
– backtrack version 3 was ported to passkey changer
– c/c++ version
– visual C++ 6.0

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PasskeyChanger Crack Full Product Key

***Important : Before Using this app you must have a logins for the Bittorrent trackers such as:
**** Bittorrent-RSS, Bittorrent-News,,, BTTracker, BTTorrent and Phratzi.
The changes you make here will not take effect until you restart your torrent client.

Change All Passkey Settings – ( this will affect all your torrents )

Select “Change Torrent Passkey”

Enter the old passkey and the new passkey in the fields.

Click “Change Torrent Passkey”

Change a single passkey in the torrent – ( this will affect only the selected torrent )

Select “Change Torrent Passkey”

Enter the old passkey and the new passkey in the fields.

Click “Change Torrent Passkey”

Create a new Torrent Passkey – ( this will affect all your torrents )

Select “Create New Torrent Passkey”

Enter the new passkey in the field “Passkey”

Click “Create New Torrent Passkey”

Change Password of an Existing Torrent Passkey

Open the file in “Extract torrents from RAR files”

Select the “passkey.dat” file

Click “Extract Passkey”

Note : The “.dat” file will be created automatically. It contains the current passkey.

Change Passkey of a Torrent File

Select the torrent file that you want to change passkey

Press “Change Passkey”

Enter the old passkey and the new passkey in the fields.

Click “Change Passkey”

Note : The changes you make here will not take effect until you restart your torrent client.

Use Quick Change to Replace Passkey

Select the “Quick Change” option

Enter the old passkey and the new passkey in the fields.

Click “Quick Change”

By default, when you click the “Quick Change” option, the changes you make will be made to all the torrents you’re currently downloading. If you wish to apply these changes only to the current torrent, select the “Apply only for this torrent” option before clicking “Quick Change”.

Select a File Type in Quick Change (With the exception of WebFiles)

This is not required when you use the

What’s New In?

1. This utility allows you to change your BitTorrent’s passkey
2. To keep your password safe, you can change your BitTorrent’s passkey
3. This utility is fully portable, you can use it on all Windows OS

1. Select the BitTorrent file you want to change your passkey
2. Open “BitRentorPasskeyChanger.exe” and select the option to change the passkey
3. Follow the steps to enter your new passkey
4. Click “OK” and save the BitRentorPasskeyChanger.exe file to your computer.

Change your passkey:
1. Open “BitRentorPasskeyChanger.exe”
2. Select the option to change the passkey
3. Enter your old passkey and the new passkey
4. Click “OK” and save the BitRentorPasskeyChanger.exe file to your computer

Click Here to Show You How to Make Your Own Passkey:


System Requirements For PasskeyChanger:

Windows (PC only).
Mac OS X.
Linux (Ubuntu 17.10, Fedora 30, openSUSE 42.2, Debian 9.6, CentOS 7.6.1811)
4GB of system RAM.
32-bit Intel or AMD processor
2GB of free hard disk space
DirectX 9.0 or OpenGL 2.0
Sound card required
Web browser required
Internet connection required
Graphics card (optional, standard resolution)
Dedicated server or an equivalent computer capable

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