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If working with multiple documents, addresses, phone numbers, links, IDs and passwords, users need to have a good management solution for all their data. NotesLog Express will provide the ability to have all their information stored into a single, compact database that can be taken anywhere. Users will be able to store their notes, documents, agenda entries and various credentials on any device that will contain an easy-to-access database.
Basic interface that offers a limited set of tools for storing and managing notes
NotesLogExpress’s minimalist interface comes with a few buttons for accessing its basic features and users will find many fields for different data entry. All the buttons have tool-tips, however, when working with multiple monitors the information will be displayed only on the primary screen.
Users will have no trouble engaging in its features, but, unfortunately, its functionality doesn’t go past its basic looks. The application offers users options to create new notes for different content categories, such as applications, bills, media files, passwords, IDs or links, all with numerous details.
No customization for the available features coupled with bizarre behavior and frequent errors
Although being such a compact and lightweight application, NotesLogExpress could have included more useful features and especially customization options. It provides no settings module and users cannot even define their own location for saving the database files.
When refreshing the notes list, the application goes off-screen or it moves to the primary display when working with multiple monitors and it exhibits frequent errors when accessing the save URLs. Its supposedly intuitive use is furthermore impaired as its search feature doesn’t accept the “Enter” key.
Decent software solution for maintaining an organized documents inventory, but with usage shortcomings
NotesLogExpress will be a fair choice for users who require a software for summarizing all their notes, documents, address book entries or passwords / IDs. It will offer a lightweight means of storing all the necessary information in a compact database. Nevertheless, it comes with many flaws and users might not appreciate its lack of settings, erratic behavior when used on multiple display systems or counter-intuitive usage.









NotesLog Express 2008

NotesLog Express Cracked Version is a small, easy-to-use and powerful tool for storing all your notes, documents, address book entries and passwords. You can keep all your data in a secure and safe place. You can have a look at NotesLog Express Crack Mac features below and how to use the program:
• Create new notes for different content categories: Applications, Bills, Contact details, Media files, Passwords, IDs, Links etc.
• Get a list of notes you have created with various filters and filters.
• Edit your notes and add notes, edit notes, delete notes.
• Compose a note. You can change its subject, location, filename, content, format and save it.
• Attach a file or a link to a note.
• Add new tags to a note.
• Search your notes with location, date and time.
• Look up all your notes quickly by typing their name, date, time and location.
• Delete a note.
• Share a note by email, FTP or by opening the HTML link.
• Attach a file or a link to a note.
• Attach images, PDF, audio files, video files, search results etc. to a note.
• Add notes to a folder.
• Edit the properties of a note or the properties of a folder.
• Organize your notes in a folder tree.
• Look up all your notes quickly by typing their names, date, time and location.
• Create your own organization with topics.
• You can edit your topics and add notes to your topics.
• Export your data to Excel.
• Automatically save your notes at the specified time or at the specified date.
• Use the inbuilt search engine to search your notes.
• Use the Find feature to search your notes.
• See a summary of the notes you have created.
• It’s a compact solution for storing all your notes, documents, passwords and IDs in a single database.
• The interface of the application is minimalistic, but, nevertheless, it comes with a powerful set of tools to help you manage your notes, documents, passwords, IDs, addresses and much more.
NotesLog Express Settings:
There are no settings in NotesLog Express as it is a basic program. The only settings it comes with are for auto-saving your notes and working with its databases.


Very useful simple to use tool especially if you do

NotesLog Express 2008 Crack

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NotesLog Express 2008

– NotesLog Express is a cross-platform Notes manager tool.
– NotesLog Express is a personal organizer that provides a robust means of storing, organizing and accessing all your notes, documents, agendas and other files with ease.
– NotesLog Express keeps your files organized, connected and searchable. You can keep your photos, videos and music in one place.
– NotesLog Express stores notes, files, images, links, passwords, IDs and other files in one place, always accessible from anywhere, on any device.
– You can access your notes from multiple devices simultaneously or use your NotesLog Express on your PC, smartphone, tablet and more.
– NotesLog Express is fast, efficient and has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to access your files wherever you are.
– NotesLog Express offers a powerful search function that lets you find anything you need easily and quickly.
– NotesLog Express has a compact, cross-platform interface, has the ability to access your files on any device, with no need for updates or maintenance.
– As long as you have a WiFi connection and a computer or smartphone with an internet connection, you can access your files wherever you are.
– NotesLog Express will search your files for you, display and organize your files. You can also organize your files using the folders. You can access your files from any device connected to the internet.
– Organize your files in one place, everywhere.
– NotesLog Express is easy to use and has a clean interface.
– NotesLog Express is compatible with windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Mac OS X (10.5 or higher) and Linux (KDE, Gnome, XFCE, LXDE, MATE,etc).
– Cross-platform support:
– Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Mac OS X (10.5 or higher) and Linux (KDE, Gnome, XFCE, LXDE, MATE,etc)
– You can access your files from any device connected to the internet
– NotesLog Express provides a compact, cross-platform interface
– NotesLog Express has the ability to access your files on any device
– You can organize your files using the folders
– NotesLog Express searches your files for you
– NotesLog Express is easy to use and has a clean interface
– NotesLog Express is compatible with windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Mac

What’s New in the NotesLog Express?

• NotesLog Express is an easy-to-use and powerful database for organizing and storing notes, documents, passwords, media files, contacts, IDs and websites links.
• NotesLog Express can hold notes for practically any kind of information and will manage data for free up to 5 GB.
• NotesLog Express has a simple and intuitive interface with three tabs ▂ Home, Settings and Database.
• NotesLog Express has a rich set of tools for managing information: Search, Edit, Create, Import/Export, Import/Export Notes & PDFs, Print, Organize, Save URLs, Disconnect, Clear all, Add URLs, Add files, Add links, Add Dates, Add tags, Add a Category and more.
• NotesLog Express will have a detailed Help file for any problems that may arise during use.
• NotesLog Express will work with your Google Chrome Browser’s bookmarks, including the History and Saved web addresses and will remember them on the next restart.
• NotesLog Express will use 2.9 GB of free space.
• Supports the latest 3.0 version of the Flash Player plugin.
• The database can be saved to your desktop or to any file available on your PC and can be easily moved to any other PC.
• NotesLog Express will automatically synchronize the data in the Database with the web services in the synchronization tab.
• NotesLog Express will have an icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
• NotesLog Express can import and export information in the form of a text file or as a CSV.
• NotesLog Express can export in PDF format and can also download a ZIP archive including all of the information in the database.
• NotesLog Express will be available for a price of 0$.
• If you need support with any program, please contact our support service for free by using the “Contact” tab or the “Write a review” tab.
• If you need support with the entire PC Companion Suite please contact us by using the “Support” tab.
• If you like this program, please click “Grateful” button on the interface.
• If you have any problems, or suggestions for improving the program, please let us know.
We also provide the product for personal use at a discounted price for our users.
Contact us for more information

System Requirements For NotesLog Express:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5 or i7
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (or better)
Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
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