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A lot of people don’t know that AutoCAD is not just a 3D modeller or 2D draughtsman. In fact, it is actually a full design package. It is capable of building design documents from scratch to production, saving time and money.

You need an AutoCAD subscription to install it, and you need a subscription to even run it!

If you just want to learn how to use AutoCAD, this AutoCAD tutorial will teach you everything you need to know, in depth.

When you’ve learned how to use AutoCAD and you’ve become a skilled AutoCAD user, we recommend that you consider enrolling in our AutoCAD Course. This online AutoCAD course teaches you everything you need to know to design and draft incredibly professional drawings in AutoCAD, as well as the other Autodesk programs and apps. This video course is organized into 3 levels:

AutoCAD Level 1 (for beginners)

AutoCAD Level 2 (for advanced users)

AutoCAD Level 3 (for professional and advanced users)

Want to learn more about AutoCAD? Watch our short videos here!

AutoCAD Essentials Tutorial :

AutoCAD Basics Tutorial :

AutoCAD Course Tutorials :

AutoCAD Essential Training Course :

If you are already skilled in AutoCAD, then these tutorials will help you maximize your existing skills.

Here are some additional tutorials related to AutoCAD:

How to install AutoCAD :

AutoCAD’s primary file format is.DWG which stands for Design Web Graphics. It is a true 3D CAD application. When you create a drawing or part, it is stored in the.DWG format.

AutoCAD uses a 3D modeler. If you look at the screen in the tutorial above, you’ll see the viewpoint on the bottom of the screen. There is a lot of control in this view, and you can move it up and down and side to side to change the camera view.

Here you can see a perspective view of a table top, showing an actual table top with all the features:

To create a 3D model of a table top you can start with a block of the general shape of the table top. Make it as big as possible to get the

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AutoCAD also has a development environment, named Eclipse plugin that can be used for developing custom plug-ins.

CAD software

As a mainstay of the CAD industry, AutoCAD models the entire process of architectural and mechanical design: from the basic building shapes, to the detailed building features.

It is bundled with software applications and utilized by a variety of architects, engineers, and other users in multiple industries. It is used in the engineering, construction, and manufacturing industry to create detailed drawings and models of structures and machinery, and to create and edit various types of documentation.

The software is especially popular for architectural, mechanical and structural work, such as in the building industry. It is used in an assortment of industry verticals such as the aerospace, automotive, construction, electrical, electronic, food and beverage, fire protection, information technology, medical, oil and gas, power, rail, rail transit, retail, real estate, scientific, and transportation industries.

Because of the popularity of AutoCAD in these industries, it is possible to make a living by working as a CAD artist.

Through the years, many alternatives have appeared, but AutoCAD is still the industry leader.

AutoCAD model

Automatically named “dwg” files, the ubiquitous Portable Document Format, is used to store CAD drawings.

Extensive features make AutoCAD more powerful than other CAD systems of its time. AutoCAD allows the user to store information in the same document while changing drawing parameters, such as the type of view, or the type of coordinate system. Information, such as dimension lines or text annotations, can be “linked” to another drawing, a file, a database, an internet location, or a web service, such as a text to speech program. This allows the user to create linked model work while working on several drawings at the same time.

AutoCAD enables the user to generate a drawing using a standard working definition, then modify the model, and generate a new drawing. This is known as the “draft” model. The user can then revise and improve the draft model. Once the new drawing has been completed, it can be saved as a.dwg file, where the user can view and modify the original model.

AutoCAD allows objects to be linked to the drawing data. This means that the user can edit the model data in one drawing, and see the effect on the other

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2. Add an option to your Autocad in the working data folder.
3. Load the maps in a file

How to generate the working key for Autodesk.
1. Install and activate Autodesk Autocad
2. Activate the Autodesk Autocad by this way:
3. Launch the Autodesk Autocad.

4. Press on the “open” button to open the working data
5. Click on the “new” button, you will see the working data
6. You have a working key now.

How to install Autocad 2017r3:

1. Install and activate Autodesk Autocad.

2. Launch Autodesk Autocad.

3. Click on “open”.

4. You will see the Working Data folder.

5. Click on the “new”.

6. You will get the working key.

7. Save the key in the working data folder of Autocad.


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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Flowchart features:

Snap to Flowchart to simplify creation of flowcharts in your drawing. Use the Property inspector or right-click to easily add a node or highlight the entire flowchart. (video: 1:25 min.)

Data types:

Automatic calculation of engineering units, dimensions, and text, based on what is in the drawing. Add precision to your drawings using more than one unit of measure. Now you can track the balance of your calculation as you update it, giving you insight into how your design works. (video: 1:25 min.)

Document management:

Manage your design data as a series of smart PDFs and email your files to colleagues automatically. Preview and quickly open PDFs of your design so you can see what changes have been made. (video: 1:25 min.)


Bring your drawing into the 3D world using Revit mobile and allow for real-time collaboration as well as CAD-specific feedback in 3D. Upload your files to the cloud and get easy access to your design and related information from any device. (video: 1:45 min.)


Access Revit Architecture Online to view the components of your design or to check your work against the model. This gives you the most accurate and detailed look at your design, which saves you time and money.

Upcoming features:

In CAD Drafting and Enhancement:

The new CAD Drafting tab in the “General Settings” area is a great new feature for architects and designers. It provides a view of all the drafting projects you have in AutoCAD. Use it to easily access and compare the design of drawings you have submitted for approval. (video: 1:45 min.)

The new Type Library tab provides access to Autodesk’s database of product types, allowing you to access any type or property and browse a library of its available properties. (video: 1:45 min.)


A new polyline tab has been added to the 3D view. Now you can quickly add a polyline, curve, or polygon to any 3D view. (video: 1:40 min.)


A new project explorer will help you more easily find the file you are looking for. You can also find the most recently

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1, Windows 10 x64 SP1, Windows 8.1 x64
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DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
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OS: Windows 10 x64, Windows 8.1 x64

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