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TextArt is a fun and easy-to-use application that can convert images to text art by replacing the pixels with characters.
This used to be a common technique for transmitting text art via programs with no image support, such as IRC clients, as well for publishing it on websites that don't allow photo uploading, like some forums.
Convert images to text using a Modern UI app
It's a Metro app that can be downloaded and installed from the Windows Store with minimum effort, so you can pin it to the Start Screen or Menu for quick access.
The photo-to-text converter is packed in a Modern UI made from a large panel with a white background, where you can find and open a picture from the computer using the built-in file browser. The only file types supported are .jpg, jpeg, .png, .bmp and .gif.
Preview the output text to make adjustments
After opening the photo, you can view it in the main window and control the text art by adjusting the number of characters to be displayed in a row. This can be done by clicking and dragging a slider. It affects the overall size of the text art.
Once you click the Generate button, you can preview the output. If you're not pleased with the results, you can go back to make further adjustments. Otherwise, right-click somewhere on the screen to bring up a horizontal bar on the bottom part of the window. It's possible to increase or decrease the font size, as well as to copy the output to the Clipboard.
Simple and approachable image-to-text generator
There is no option implemented for saving the text art to file. But you can take a screenshot of the output and share the image using another installed Modern UI app, such as Microsoft OneNote.
To sum it up, TextArt offers a straightforward solution and intuitive options to help generate text from images.

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The most intuitive way to turn pictures into beautiful words.
By converting images to text and back again, TextArt enables you to instantly create eye-catching images by pasting the words onto any picture.
The fully-featured solution is packed with thousands of phrases, so you can add words and phrases to suit any purpose. There are also many settings that can customize the text to match your needs.
With this simple but powerful program, it is easy to create professional text art in minutes with a minimal effort.
TextArt Downloads:
TextArt –

These are images taken at the Skarron School of Navigation. The first school I have ever attended. It is a free school with lots of interesting talks and events. This is a series of the talks I missed the first time, then remember.
They are in order of presentation.

It’s All In Your Head I met Zosia as soon as I arrived in Castiglion Fiorentino. His home was one of the first places we visited when we were just passing through. That place was a place full of passion, creativity, enthusiasm, humor and knowledge. He welcomed us in his home and then gave us his inexhaustible energy, that I will always remember.
He introduced us to CTO Tiziana and Head of Engineering Roberto who have become a part of our team. Zosia is still our driving force and Director of community.
With his teaching I discovered the passion that he shared with the entire crew and the team grew to the size of a small team in the company.
So, that’s why we are talking about the Science of Navigation today.
I remember the day the final part of the talk was going to be given. We were all sitting on the front row with our notebooks ready. Zosia looked at us with a look of joy and excitement. He was reading the email that he received from a news agency informing him about a special event. That day he was going to be interviewed by CNN.
It’s All In Your Head was produced by CNN with the collaboration of the Corriere del Meridione. And the interview was broadcast on CNN International and CNN. In Italy, it was broadcast on La7.
But it was not his first interview. Zosia has been interviewed several times on TV and Radio. CNN London published a very interesting

TextArt License Key

* Convert images into text art.
* Can be easily launched from the Windows desktop and pinned to the Start Menu.
* It can be set as a Desktop Shortcut (Advanced Settings) to start automatically.
* This app uses low memory, so it won’t freeze when opened.
* It’s ideal for generating text from photos.
* Supports 9 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Hungarian and Russian.
* Easily adjust the size of the text art (length) from a slider.
* You can easily preview the text art you generate.
* To preview the text, press Ctrl + L.
* In order to copy the text into other apps, simply right-click somewhere on the screen and choose Copy to the Clipboard.
If you want to download, install and rate this program, just click on the Start button and go to the Windows Store. Select TextArt Torrent Download under Themes and click Install.
If you’ve already installed the app, just start it and enjoy.

Today we will talk about iOS 4.3 and how to downgrade back to the original firmware. iOS 4.3 is a simple update that was released a couple of days ago and this could be a good reason for it to be downgraded.

If you’re still jailbroken then you can download the untether iFunBox from this page. I personally don’t recommend going back to jailbreak with iOS 4.3. Untether iFunBox will help you avoid this problem. If you need to get back to jailbreak you can jailbreak with a tool from Redsn0w.

I personally like to have an app like this to download stuff. You can even have different apps for different things. For example, you could have a tool to download the latest apps, one to get the latest movies and games, and another to download new applications.

As we have seen the app is a resource hog. If you have a lot of apps you have to have a lot of system resources. Your battery may not last long as well as take up a lot of room in your disk. I recommend that you always keep your battery fully charged. Once you charge your battery pack it should stay there for a while. The charger can be bought for $10 or $20. The only thing about this application is that if you uninstall it, it cannot be reinstalled. It will not let you reinstall it.

TextArt Download [Mac/Win]

Convert images to text using a Modern UI app
Preview the output text to make adjustments
Share the text art using Modern UI apps
Key Features:
Image file types: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp and gif
Adjust the number of characters in a row to display
Adjust font size
Copy the text to the Clipboard
Take a screenshot of the output and share it
The maximum text size is 2 MB
Minimum images are 6MB in size and can be a maximum of
1 MB in size
Output is produced in 16px
Tested under Windows 10 Pro, build 15063
This version offers an improved look and feel.
Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian

Magic Pick is a simple and handy tool for extracting text from images.
The app can be downloaded from Microsoft Store and you’ll find it pinned to the Start Screen or Menu.
It’s a Metro app that offers no options, only a Modern UI panel with a white background. Using it, you can simply click on a photo you want to extract the text from and the output text will appear in the panel.
The images are automatically cropped to the dimensions of the output text, so you don’t have to worry about scaling and rotating them manually.
Preview the output text to make adjustments
After opening a photo, it’s possible to view it in the main window and make adjustments to the text. The text is displayed in a panel on the bottom of the window, so you can pan and zoom to make adjustments.
Magic Pick provides basic adjustments, such as font, size and spacing.
You can change the maximum number of characters per line, as well as the type of font you want to use. You can also scroll to see the whole text.
Finally, right-click anywhere on the panel to bring up a horizontal bar and increase or decrease the font size.
Magic Pick is simple to use, quick and effective.
Key Features:
Just click on a photo
Preview the output text to make adjustments
Copy the text to the clipboard
Adjust the font, spacing and font size

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to take a screenshot of a window, send it to the cloud, make some edits, and re-send it to your computer or mobile devices. You’ll learn to take screenshots of a Windows desktop, capture a window screenshot, save it to the cloud, re-send it via email,

What’s New In?

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Here’s how to convert your images into text for free


Humans can not use the same graphics card to output several different images at the same time, but malware can. CSGOLotto malware can take screen shots of several players on multiple Windows PCs at the same time, according to a new report.


Spy++ – What you can do with windows spy software?

Spy++ – What you can do with windows spy software?

Spy++ – What you can do with windows spy software?

What you can do with windows spy software?


How To Write Text With My Mac (iPad) By Spelling Wrong Using The Dictionary

How To Write Text With My Mac (iPad) By Spelling Wrong Using The Dictionary

How To Write Text With My Mac (iPad) By Spelling Wrong Using The Dictionary

To all the people out there who want to know how to write text with your mac. Here is a simple tutorial and step by step process to write text with your macbook or ipad.
This is a easy way to write text in any application you have on your ipad or macbook.

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Xbox One: 6.1 GB available space, Xbox LIVE membership (sold separately) required, internet connection required
PlayStation 4: 8 GB available space, PlayStation Network membership (sold separately) required, internet connection required
Steam: 100MB available space, Steam account required (sold separately), Internet connection required
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