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Optical drives tend to be noisy. RimhillEx is a small software application designed specifically for helping you fix this problem. The program is able to reduce the read speed of your CD or DVD in order to minimize the noise.
Unobtrusive running mode
You can find RimhillEx sitting quietly in the system tray area without disturbing your work. It operates in the background and can be controlled via system tray actions. A help manual is not available. However, you can set up the dedicated parameters on the go because they are easy to decode.
Configuration settings
If you do not need your optical drives to run at their maximum capacity (this mode is particularly useful when copying CD/DVD data or burning information on the disc), you can slow down the read speed by choosing between several preset read values, namely 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x (default), 16x, and 32x.
Only a few configuration settings are hidden under the hood for helping you check and restore the speed settings every second, as well as look for program updates.
Tests have shown that the application carries out a task quickly and without errors. It does not eat up a lot of CPU and memory resources so you can keep it running in the background without worrying that it hampers your computer’s performance.
Final observations
All things considered, RimhillEx provides a straightforward and efficient software solution for helping you slow down optical drives in order to reduce the amount of noise. It comes in handy especially when you are watching DVDs because it keeps the disc quiet. The intuitive feature package makes it ideal for rookies and professionals alike.









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Precision slider for Mac OS X Dock
If you have a problem with your computer’s Dock that seems to have no solution, you can rely on DockSlider. This neat application is able to reorganize the folders in your Dock. It is easy to use and comes with a huge number of options to configure.
Innovative DockSlider’s software philosophy is to control Dock items without worrying about their size. Each individual item can be resized, moved, swapped, and combined with other items. All of these settings are achieved through intuitive drag-and-drop actions.
DockSlider comes with three customizable Dock screens (by default, these are dubbed Pictures, Applications, and Documents). Each of the three categories has different settings and can be used to organize your Dock as you please.
If you are used to a larger number of Dock items (including some third-party programs) and are seeking to simplify your Dock, this application can help you. It is easy to see your favorite pictures, applications, or documents on the larger screen. DockSlider can also display the list of the applications you’ve installed on your Mac by sorting them according to your settings.
This program uses dock icons, but it can also function with traditional folders. You can replace the Dock icons with the actual files and folders by opening a document, image, or music file. DockSlider will offer you to change the icon to match the new item’s icon.
Before you decide to use DockSlider, you need to test whether you like it or not. It can be very useful to see how it works and how it behaves in your Mac. Before you commit to the program, you should know if this application’s philosophy is the one that works best for you.
DockSlider Features:

Layout customization options
You can add the new Dock screens that contain folders by clicking “+ New Screen” on the DockSlider program interface. Each screen’s size can be adjusted and the folder structure can be moved. You can also customize the positions of the folders.
DockSlider can rearrange items that reside in the application area by dragging them out of the Dock. This is accomplished by clicking on a button labeled “Reorder Application Items.”
The maximum number of items you can move and rearrange is limited. However, this does not mean you cannot modify DockSlider’s layout because you

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KeyMACRO is a free utility for users to automate a variety of tasks in a Windows environment. It is designed to offer comprehensive support for keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, and command-line interactions in Windows. KeyMACRO features include support for the following:
Keyboard and mouse commands
System tray actions

KeyMACRO Description:
KeyMACRO is a free utility for users to automate a variety of tasks in a Windows environment. It is designed to offer comprehensive support for keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, and command-line interactions in Windows. KeyMACRO features include support for the following:
Keyboard and mouse commands
System tray actions

KeyMACRO Description:
KeyMACRO is a free utility for users to automate a variety of tasks in a Windows environment. It is designed to offer comprehensive support for keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, and command-line interactions in Windows. KeyMACRO features include support for the following:
Keyboard and mouse commands
System tray actions

TeraCopy is a data recovery software designed to help you restore deleted files from hard drive as fast as possible. It is a reliable solution for recovering deleted data from windows and Mac computers. It is also able to get deleted files back from a corrupted partition, external hard drive, and removable drives.
TeraCopy recovers file from damaged partition
You may accidentally delete or lose some files due to virus infection, hard disk problem, or other reasons. TeraCopy is the best data recovery software for you to get the deleted files back as soon as possible. By using the scanning method of the program, the program can scan all the files in the partition and get you back to your lost files.
TeraCopy provides a scan mode for scanning all the files
It scans files in the hard drive for you and shows a preview window of the files. You can preview the deleted files and then click to choose them to restore or skip them. If the lost file is a image, photo, or music file, you can directly preview it. If the lost file is a text document, you can see the first page or last page of the document.
There are five tabs you can click to preview, recover, and restore the deleted files: Files, Folders, Preview, Recover, and Restore.
When you click the preview tab, it can be applied to a specified partition or the whole partition. It can preview all types of file formats, like JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG, and

RimhillEx With Full Keygen Free Download (Updated 2022)

Do you struggle with the way noise is emitted from your optical drives? Do you sometimes experience that your PC’s performance is impacted by the excessive noise? If yes, the program RimhillEx is just what you need. It is able to minimize the noise of your optical drive in order to ease your irritation.
The software is incredibly easy to install and configure. It is available as a portable application for all modern operating systems (Win32 and 64). In addition, the program is made to run in the system tray area without disrupting your work. The integrated system tray icons enable you to control the program and see how it is performing.
Features and Functions
RimhillEx is able to set the read speed of your optical drives. For this reason, you can choose between a series of presets, such as 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x (default), 16x, 32x, and 64x. If you have trouble detecting whether the read speed is set to 1x or another value, you can check this via a simple right-click.
The configuration settings of the software can be accessed with a few clicks. You can set the maximum read speed, test the disc drive, and receive an updated version of the software with an auto-update function.
The program also displays the most recently accessed folders and USB devices, allowing you to quickly find the folders and drives that generate most noise.
The program’s configuration settings are protected with a security password. This feature minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.
The user’s manual includes clear instructions on how to find and access the configuration settings.
Performance and Compatibility
RimhillEx has been tested for compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The software runs on Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, and Windows 10 32-bit. The program carries out the task of slowing down optical drives without problems.
It carries out its task without occupying a lot of CPU and memory resources. In fact, the operation is nearly invisible as it does not take up a lot of space on your computer’s hard drive.
You can easily check the noise of your optical drives and choose between different read speeds. The configuration settings allow you to customize the software parameters according to your

What’s New In RimhillEx?

RimhillEx is a small software application designed specifically for helping you fix the problem of optical drives that are too noisy. This is a problem that plagues even the most powerful computers. Nowadays, you can experience the problem if your optical drive is too fast when reading or writing data on CDs and DVDs. The result is that the noise level goes up drastically. Furthermore, optical drives also hinder the speed at which your PC boots up.
RimhillEx tries to solve this problem by slowing down the speed at which the optical drive reads or writes data. You can customize the speed as required for your optical drive.

Moved from the OP!

sashaun – November 10, 2018, 12:19 PM

Just a quick update. I have now removed the RimhillEx software.
I have started using WinManageto control my Optical drives and other I/O devices.

More Mini Computer Utility Apps

sashaun – October 23, 2018, 11:46 PM

Here is an update. I have removed the 3rd party software from my PC.
I have also installed a software called WinManageto take care of my I/O devices.

The problem with the old RimhillEX program was that it was always on, the CPU usage for it was always high, and it was a rootkit, and a fan trap.

WinManageto is a software package that I have spent years developing.
It is a fan control software that does not use a rootkit or run in the background, and it is a very simple easy to use program. It is more like a lighter weight Batch File that does the same thing that I have been doing for years.

The new WinManageto program is a Super User Program, and the program is locked.
It can only be run by an Administrator. It is a very easy program to use and I will describe it to you as you request.

The program can be used to Turn ON or OFF any fan, and turn the speed up or down as needed. I have no reason to turn on any of my fans at any time except to cool my house. My house is in the desert, my cooling system works great.

I have written a few small utilities that have been bundled with the program.
One of them will turn off all of the fans automatically after a period of time if the room gets too warm.

The program is free, it is written in Visual Basic 6.0

WinManageto can be downloaded from one of the 2 links below:

For a Free (Ch

System Requirements:

– Minimum version of Unity 2018.2 or later required.
– Minimal version of Android SDK 23 or higher (for Unity 2019 and higher).
– Android version of Android Studio 2.3 or later.
– Android version of the Google Play Services SDK or at least version 10.2.
– Application should be optimized for ARM processors (architecture of the device in which it is intended to run)
– High-end devices (qualcomm snapdragon 845+): resolution 1080×1920
– Mid-range devices (Qual


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