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Una aplicación de Firefox

Muy buena herramienta

Una aplicación compatible con

Windows 8, Windows 7 y Windows Vista

Los siguientes dispositivos se pueden descargar

Windows 7 x32 / Vista x32

Windows 7 x64 / Vista x64

Windows 8 x32 / Vista x32

Windows 8 x64 / Vista x64

Mac OS X

Cyberfox Portable is a web browser that runs on the Windows platform, and it provides 64-bit 66cf4387b8

I would like to discuss some more in depth about it.
However, the biggest difference between eigenfaces and this project is that former is an object recognition algorithm while this is a facial recognition system based on a workflow of color and texture analysis. This is implemented by a deep neural network (CNN) and scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) to predict a label. By the time and financial constraints, this project only see two layers of CNN and SIFT. For some more improvements,