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I Bought an Apple Computer. And i Don’t Know What to do with It.

The original Mac was state-of-the-art when it rolled off the assembly line in 1984. Apple’s other products have offered incremental upgrades in performance and features since, but the Mac remains the “jack of all trades, master of none.” Apple still needs to show that it can imagine ways to broaden the Mac experience for current and prospective Mac users.

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Dropbox works for everybody
While the plugin might be limited only to users of Aml Pages, it should not be overlooked that there exist alternative solutions such as Mariner (Office add-in), SolidFiles Online and Onliney 2 (Web-based).
However, Aml2Dropbox is the easiest solution as you do not have to install software or permanently mount your online account to your computer. In addition, it can sync almost any kind of files using APD format. Additional