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• Unicode support• Fast and secure editing• Easy operation• Self-cleaning design• Small size and portable
KEYMACRO is a powerful, user-friendly, and easy-to-use image editing software for professional photographers, graphic designers and casual users.
It is designed to create professional images of high quality, and is especially useful when you need to work on the large scale.
It features a handy and clean design that not only helps you work quickly but also makes it easier to adjust the settings.
You can easily create an image with a single click, embed the Unicode text, or add various effects to it.
The application supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG image formats and offers native support for Windows and Mac platforms, as well as Linux systems.
To view images, you can use the built-in viewer or drag images into the working area.
To create images, you can choose from several basic options, such as adding text, transforming the color, or adding a watermark.
The tool offers a variety of templates that will help you create images quickly, and you can also use the settings to resize the images.
KEYMACRO includes a flexible and easy-to-use toolset that will help you create images of high quality, and it is the perfect solution for professional photographers, graphic designers, and casual users.
• Remove unwanted areas and borders from the images• Adjust the size of an image• Create a high-quality image using a variety of templates and effects• Insert text, Unicode, and watermark texts into the image• Resize images by dragging the corners of the interface• Import and export images to JPEG, GIF, and PNG file types• Use a range of customizable keyboard shortcuts

Image Editor Lite is a powerful and professional-looking image editor for Windows with many useful tools and effects.
It features the following essential tools for image editing: Magic Wand, which lets you select and remove areas of the photo; Auto-enhance, which adjusts brightness, contrast, color, and color balance; Adjust, which lets you adjust black and white, hue, saturation, and sharpness; Clone, which lets you copy part of the image; Rotate, which lets you rotate the image; Crop, which lets you crop the image; Sharpen, which lets you enhance and sharpen the image; Burn, which lets you remove the edges of an image; Dodge, which lets you lighten or darken parts of an image; Blur, which lets you 70238732e0

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This macro is the first of a set of three macros that allow you to be productive with a wide variety of hardware programming. The first macro works like a second mouse button. It will save all open projects and create a new project with the same name. The second macro allows you to save all open projects as an XMPRJ file. The third macro allows you to export your entire project to either a.DPR or.XMAP project file.
I Key MACRO and KeyItem Macro:
(1) I = Project number. 1 = first project
(2) N = Project name. It can be empty, but usually an empty name will be converted to ‘Untitled’.
e.g. I = 1, N = Project1.
(3) I = 2, N = Macro Macro
e.g. I = 2, N = KeyMacro.
(4) I = 3, N = KeyItem
e.g. I = 3, N = KeyItem.
(5) I = 1, N = Yes
(6) I = 2, N = No
(7) I = 3, N = Save
e.g. I = 3, N = Save.
(8) I = 1, N = Ctrl, Shift
(9) I = 2, N = F1
(10) I = 3, N = F2
e.g. I = 3, N = F2.
(11) I = 1, N = Space, Arrow
(12) I = 2, N = Ctrl, Down
(13) I = 3, N = Arrow, Down
e.g. I = 3, N = Arrow, Down.
(14) I = 1, N = Ctrl, Up
(15) I = 2, N = Space, Up
(16) I = 3, N = Arrow, Up
e.g. I = 3, N = Arrow, Up.
(17) I = 1, N = Ctrl, B
(18) I = 2, N = B
(19) I = 3, N = Down


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