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Divided Software is an independent software vendor (ISV) and software development company founded in 2001. Our first product,
KompoZer, brought us immediate success. When the company decided to look for a strategy for continuing growth, we chose a new business model. We opened our doors to developers who would join us on a project-by-project basis, all of which were community-driven.

In 2013, we moved our focus to supporting the developer community, and started Divided Web, which now is our most visible product. We work with people who love software and use it every day.

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About Divided Software

We are a fast growing software company with a singular mission. That mission is to support the software developer community. We do this by maintaining a simple, powerful, and developer-friendly web based toolset called Divided Web.

As a part of the Divided Software, we have a suite of tools that focus on web, mobile, and desktop application development. We provide tools for content publishing, database creation, and data mapping.

If you are a web developer who needs a framework to create websites, Divided Web is a great choice. Our themes are designed to be theme friendly, each one is written from scratch and each theme has its own theme documentation.Routine endoscopy in the evaluation of unexplained diarrhea and hematochezia in children: a safe approach.
The purpose of this study was to determine the yield and safety of routine upper and lower endoscopy in the evaluation of unexplained diarrhea and hematochezia in children. This was a retrospective review of children seen in an ambulatory gastroenterology clinic between January 1997 and December 2001. A total of 1,242 patients underwent endoscopy, of which 913 were performed for unexplained diarrhea and/or hematochezia eea19f52d2


Free Grocery List Maker is a lightweight and intuitive software solution whose main purpose resides in offering you a means of creating comprehensive shopping lists, to ensure you do not forget a single product that you want.
Clear-cut and accessible looks
The application features a neatly-structured appearance, making it easy to handle by anyone from the first run, no matter the prior experience in working with the computer.
The main window is split into two main panels, one enumerating all the items that you can buy, so you can use the arrows to add or remove entries from your list, with minimal effort, while the other features what you wish to buy.
Swiftly create your shopping list with just a few clicks
By default, Free Grocery List Maker displays the items from all the departments, for instance ‘Dairy’, ‘Frozen Foods’, ‘Health & Beauty’, ‘Pharmacy’, ‘Pets’, ‘Produce’, ‘Household’, ‘Meats’ and others. However, by selecting the precise category that you need to work with, the results will be filtered to show only entries in a specific group.
In addition, the ‘Search’ function enables you to quickly locate an item without having to browse through the entire list to find it. You can then click on the product and press the arrow pointing right, to add it to your grocery list.
If you cannot manage to find something, you can add it yourself, using the corresponding function. You will need to input its name, department, price and unit, or whether it is sold by weight. However, to find it in the list, the utility needs to be restarted.
Aside from storing the data in the program’s memory, you can also export it to PDF format or print it, so you can take it with you in hardcopy form, when you go shopping. Since the tool calculates the total cost of your products, you can be prepared at the cashier register with the exact amount of money.
A handy shopping list creator
To conclude, Free Grocery List Maker is a useful and easy to understand application that you can assist you in building a thorough shopping list, so you will not wander around the store trying to remember what you need.


Free Grocery List Maker is a lightweight and intuitive software solution whose main purpose resides in offering you a


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