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uWatchIt is a lightweight software application designed specifically for helping you monitor and record multiple network IP cameras. It comes with support for motion detection so you can record video streams only when movement is detected.
User interface
The utility lets you preview the monitored cameras using tiles. You can adjust the size of the tiles and drag and drop each preview panel to the desired position in the video environment.
Individual buttons are implemented in each tile so you can easily turn on or off the monitoring process, recording task, as well as motion detection mode.
The same set of features can be applied for controlling all cameras at the same time. Additionally, you are allowed to change the camera header view.
Built-in video player and quick trackback mode
You can use the built-in player for watching the recordings, play or stop the current selection, adjust the volume, seek for a position in the video streams, and go to the next or previous clip.
The tool lets you sort the videos by camera location, recording date, and time. In addition, you can set an external video player, such as VLC media player or Windows Media Player. The recordings are exported to MPEG file format.
The quick trackback feature can be used for freezing the current frame and viewing the recent events frame by frame without interruptions.
Camera configuration settings and other tweaks
uWatchIt lets you set up a new camera by providing details about the location, IP address, model, resolution, frame rate, username, and password. Plus, you can adjust the motion sensitivity level, stretch the image, use location, date and time overlay, as well as connect through proxy.
General options allow you to select the video codec, alter the text displayed in the videos (font, font style, size, and color), select the saving directories for video files and still images, stop the recording if the free space on the disk drops below a custom value, and limit the maximum number of files for still pictures.
Another useful feature implemented in the program helps you send motion detected images via email or upload the photos via FTP connections.
Bottom line
All in all, uWatchIt integrates a handy suite of options for recording multiple network IP cameras. On the downside, it hasn’t been updated for a while, so you can make use of its capabilities especially if you are the owner of an operating system like Windows XP, Vista or 7.

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$29.95 eea19f52d2

• Efficient PDF Conversion Tools
• High Quality PDF Conversion
• Supports Multiple File Formats
• PDF to Office Document
• PDF to Image
• Convert PDF to Flash
• Batch conversion of PDF
• Convert to XLS
• Easy to use
• Free version
How to install it :
1. Copy the downloaded file to your computer and extract it to a folder, it is recommended to make a sub-folder named bluefox
2. Run the file with a double-click.
3. Log in to your (eboy) account, and click Manage on your account panel.
4. Click the Add Tab button to add the new tab.
5. Click the Options button and choose the desired PDF2Word or PDF2Excel or PDF2Image or PDF2Flash or PDF2HTML option.
6. In the tab as you wish to set, choose the location of the file you want to convert.
7. In the above window, you may set the resolution, quality, or the way to convert the file.
You can choose to convert your PDF document by height or width or both.
8. Hit the Start button and wait for the conversion process. You may stop it at any time by hitting the Stop button.
9. You can save your output file to a location different from the original PDF by clicking the Save As button. You may also overwrite the original PDF file.
10. The output file will be saved in the same location.
Review :
Bluefox Free PDF Convert Master is an intuitive, but simple to use application that enables you to transform your PDFs to other types of files, including Word, Excel, HTML or images. It is capable of batch files processing and performs PDF conversion in a speedy manner, without loss of quality, text format, table arranging or information.
Multiple formats supported
The software comes in handy as an office tool, since it allows you to read and save PDFs to editable file formats. It is capable of converting a PDF to a fully editable Word document without distorting text layout, symbols or paragraph arrangement. Simirarly, you can choose to convert your portable document file to an Excel spreadsheet and obtain accurate extraction of complex tables and data, to a file that you can modify at any time.
The application can help you generate HTML files, in order to easily upload them to your website, without prior retyping or reformatting. You may quickly convert PDF

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