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Basic Word Processor is a good choice for new users and beginners, since it comes pre-configured with the most common word processing features, that are used daily by most people, at work and at home.
Initial start
The application is installed as a standalone application, which means it will be a separate program to the main application. However, this is not recommended for advanced users, since one will not be able to switch between the standalone and the main version of Basic Word Processor. However, this is the only way for this application to be suitable for the vast majority of users.
Basic Word Processor comes with a standard interface, which includes icons, menus, buttons and toolbars that could help users when working with the program. Since it is a standalone application, the interface remains the same, regardless of the main version used.
Using the application
Basic Word Processor offers an easy and intuitive user interface, that is specially designed for beginners and experts alike. Upon startup, Basic Word Processor will show a new document, which will automatically open and display the first page of the document that will be used for editing, when using this application.
The application comes with no built-in document templates, meaning that it will allow people to edit any document that they may have, with the aim of being able to create and edit all the necessary documents that are required for work.
The three main functions of Basic Word Processor are:
• Insert new paragraph, text and words
• Paragraph formatting
• Paragraph formatting
The first function allows users to insert new text, by double-clicking anywhere in the document. The resulting text will appear on the screen, which will allow users to insert it anywhere in the document.
Basic Word Processor offers users the opportunity to change the color of the inserted text. It can also change its font color and size, as well as the background color, which will allow users to get the best results when formatting the text.
The second function of Basic Word Processor is the opportunity to edit a paragraph’s style and formatting, by selecting the “Paragraph” option from the menu. It also allows users to change the paragraph line spacing and indentation. These two functions are particularly useful when editing documents, in order to change the look of the text, as well as improve readability.
Basic Word Processor also offers users the opportunity to change the text’s background color and style. This function is particularly useful for editing web pages and improving the readability of eea19f52d2


In order to record the daily events of your life in detail, people used to write notes down in the form of a diary.
Of course, in the 21st century, everything has a digital alternative. Therefore, people can use apps like Efficient Diary.
You can type your diary entry in the program’s text editor. After you have entered the text, you can select a font type, font size, text alignment and so on.
Additionally, you can add bullet points, numbered lists, tables and images in your diary. Pictures can be inserted into any of the items.
For instance, Efficient Diary lets you add one picture into your diary entries. The program also features an editor for the attached files.
It’s up to you to choose the weather condition (cloudy, sunny, rainy and snowy) and the mood you are feeling (happy, sad, doubt, sigh, idea and love) when writing the diary entry.
All the files are safe from prying eyes, as the program offers you the possibility to set up a password when you first launch the software.
Efficient Diary provides you with a handy search tool. Thus, you can easily locate a particular diary entry. Furthermore, you can limit the search to the file’s title, content brief, categories and diary entry content. Additionally, you can use the time filter in order to be able to locate the diary file.
When you want to be able to add diary entries at any time, the program offers you a calendar. Thus, you can keep a record of all the events that occurred in a given period.
You can also schedule events, add notes and use one of the reminder tools.
All in all, Efficient Diary is a nicely designed software that lets you create diary entries in the form of a text editor. You can also use the calendar and schedule tools to be able to keep track of the events that occurred.


Efficient Diary Screenshot

Efficient Diary User Guide

Efficient Diary Shortcuts

The Efficient Diary shortcuts are located on the desktop. Clicking on one of the shortcuts leads to the main window of the software.

The Efficient Diary shortcuts are grouped into the following tabs:

General: Contains the icons that have nothing to do with the Efficient Diary software.

Efficient Diary Settings: Contains the icons that can be used to configure the Efficient Diary options.

A slider bar is