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Is it possible to break apart an already finished PDF file? It is, and now you can with the “MSTech PDF Split Merge”, an extremely simple but very useful tool to break up already-finished PDF files.
The “MSTech PDF Split Merge” is a free program that can be used to divide PDF files into any number of documents.
For example, it can be used to divide a large book into a specific number of PDF pages or a specific number of pages.
So, for example, if a PDF file with a few pages is created from an actual book, it could be divided into five or eight or even ten separate PDF files by breaking it apart at the end of each page.
In the “MSTech PDF Split Merge”, this can be done very easily by creating a file that will contain all the information and links to each of the different documents. This is done by simply clicking the “Add” button and the “Add All” button.
In addition, the “MSTech PDF Split Merge” also has a folder template to be used when dividing PDF files, allowing you to quickly re-use the templates for dividing large numbers of files in the future.
If you’re looking for an easier, more convenient way to divide your PDF documents, this is it!
Key features:
– Split PDF pages into different files, as many as you like
– Optionally, to create a new folder for each split file
– Choose from various splitting options
– Templates for quick splitting of large numbers of documents
– Choose from among several merging options
– Preview the content of all PDF documents in the application
– Export all documents to a single file
– Options to save original files after splitting
– Show file information in the window
– Optimized for the operating system Microsoft Windows
Please Note: The default file saving directory is: Documents/My PDF/Split
The default format for file names is PDF.
Copyright: © 2001-2020


Size: 15.39 MB

PDFSplitter splits PDF documents at the user’s preselected points, resulting in individual files. After the splitting, you can continue to work with the files as you normally would. PDFSpl eea19f52d2


– Simple interface that supports touch.

– A fresh design with colorful widgets.

– Various layouts to choose from.

– Use custom colors and icons.

– Change the order of the widgets on the screen.

– Quick to look at.

– Free; no registration required.

– Android Version Available.

– iOS Version Coming Soon.

– Windows Version Coming Soon.

– Mac Version Coming Soon.

– Safari and Firefox Support.

– Highly customizable, all from the Widget Preferences.

How to Add the Battery Time Widget to the Yahoo! Widget Engine:

1. Choose the Battery Time icon from the Widget Search section of the Widget Preferences.
2. Tap the Add button.
3. Click on the Theme: Dropdown and choose the Theme you would like to use.
4. Now choose the Layout: Dropdown and choose the layout you want to use.
5. If you want to move the Battery Time widget to the top of the screen, choose Horizontal.
6. Otherwise, choose Vertical.
7. Tap the Finish button.

A few screenshots for Battery Time can be found on the following pages:

How do I update the Battery Time widget on my device?

In order to update the Battery Time widget on your device, you can use the Widget Settings page from within the Widget Preferences section. Just tap the Change button, select the Battery Time widget from the dropdown, and then tap the Update button.

Do you want to create a custom widget that looks just like Battery Time?

How do I add custom widgets to the Yahoo! Widget Engine?

You can add custom widgets to the Yahoo! Widget Engine using the Widget Settings page. Just choose the widget type, then click on the Add button, and then select the icon that best represents the widget that you want to add.

Using the Widget Settings page, you can modify the following settings for any widget:

Custom background image

Once you’ve added a widget to the Yahoo! Widget Engine, you can change the background image from within the Widget Preferences section. Tap the Change button, select the widget type you want to use, and then tap the Custom button. From there, choose the image that best represents the widget’s background.

Background color

Choose the color for the background of your


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