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Allows you to:
– Monitor connected USB drives for new autorun.inf files.
– Configure Autorun for removable devices.
– Rename Autorun.inf file to a valid file extension.
– Send messages to the tray icon.
– Execute command file when a device is connected.
– Lock USB ports by setting port as a trusted device.
– Control Autorun from the control panel.
– Perform a quick check of all removable drives for autorun.inf files.
– When a removable drive is connected, USB will rename the Autorun.inf file.
– You can also lock all connected removable drives for autorun.
– USB works in multi-user and multi-language environments.
– Tray icon allows you to check the USB drives for Autorun.inf files.
– You can also configure the tray icon to send you a message on the USB connected device.
– You can also select the autorun file to execute or shut down.
– Execute command file when a device is connected.
– Disables autorun for removable devices and all removable drives connected to the USB port.
– Control autorun from the control panel.
– USB monitors and controls USB devices.
– USB doesn’t require admin rights.
– USB installs in Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, and 10.

USB Security

Windows based computers are exposed to many viruses and threats in the Internet, specially on USB ports. Not being an expert with security matters, I used to check frequently each USB drive for autorun.inf, but now that the Autorun program has taken care of that, I don’t need to pay attention to my USB anymore. So, I’m giving you this program.
The purpose of this program is to automatically scan each USB connected removable drive for an Autorun.inf file. If found, USB will rename it and as soon as a new Autorun.inf is found, USB will launch a system executable file that checks for viruses.

Autorun – USB Control

Removable drives are one of the biggest threats to the PC’s system and even if you are using an Antivirus program, you can’t know if a removable drive contains a virus that has infected the software.
USB is a freeware Windows tool designed to provide an extra layer of security to your USB removable drives eea19f52d2

1. Clean the user temp folder
2. Check the temp folder and remove any old files (no user interaction required)
3. If there are no files in the temp folder, auto-shutdown the system (user interaction required)
System Requirements:
1. Windows XP/Vista/7/8
2. Requires system tray (right-click the tray icon to configure the options)
3. A more detailed review of CleanTempShutdown can be found in the screenshot below:

Download CleanTempShutdown at

published:24 Jul 2013


Cleanup system files folder and take the burden off from system
To clean system folder permanently, in case it is not cleaning itself, and save space, and speed up your system, and remove extra files of temporary or unnecessary files.
Follow the instruction to take off all the unnecessary and temporary files from the system folder for fast speed and proper functioning of the system.
Download the tutorial on how to delete all the temporary files from the system folder:

Download the.exe file:

Incase if the link is not working. Here is the download link.

Temporary files are created on a regular basis during software installations. Since they take up disk space, they should better be cleaned up after use. Otherwise, they will continue to slow down the PC, decreasing its performance.
Fortunately, CleanTempShutdown allows you to quickly remove all the temporary files from the system, making the hard drive run at the optimal performance.
More efficient Windows 10 booting
The program, which is both free to use and very easy to use, has gained popularity and is oftenааѕаааїќ-аєајаїќаџаїа/