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View and edit MicroDVD subtitle files, all in one single program. The program displays or adjusts the frames per second of MicroDVD subtitle files, for example the opening of a feature or a movie. The program also enables you to extract the audio from the subtitles, for example the music that plays in the opening scene of the movie.
The program converts the MicroDVD subtitles to other subtitle formats, including ASF, DVD SUB, SSA, SRT, SSA-V, XVID, PLS, ASS, SMI, SMV and TTS. A batch conversion tool is also included, so that you can convert a number of subtitles at once.

Big business: some professional software developers are not actually into making smaller size software.
And not only that: they have their own business models. They charge big bucks for Windows applications, just because the user base for such software is the big boys.
We have to respect that.
The end results are more user-friendly applications. But they are still a bit expensive.
But the world of software is changing. We need to adapt to it and not fighting it.

Just Do It! Professional is a fully self-installable CD and DVD/USB DVD-RW driver disk.
It includes the latest drivers for your motherboard and hard drive. There are pre-formatted drivers for the latest Windows versions.
For the most popular hardware we provide the compatible drivers and instructions for installation.
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Total MP3 Converter Pro Edition is a powerful audio converter which can change the format of the audio files from one format to another format. It can convert any of the commonly used audio formats, including OGG, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, OGA, etc. It can also convert audio CDs to MP3/OGG/WMA/AAC format.
Total MP3 Converter can convert MP3 audio files to WMA or AAC.

Free JPEG-XR JPG Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use JPG converter for Windows. It can convert a batch of JPEG images to JPG, PNG and GIF formats without losing the quality of the eea19f52d2

FlashFetcher is a software that will allow you to fetch flash movies right from Internet Explorer.
By using FlashFetcher you can save all flash animations from web pages, including flash websites, flash games, flash cards, flash movies, flash banners and cartoons.
When you download a flash animation from the web page you browse, FlashFetcher displays the pixel-size of the flash file, URL, and then saves it to your hard disk.
You just make some clicks and flash file gets stored on your hard disk.
FlashFetcher has unique feature that allows you to use it simply by clicking icon in IE toolbar.
FlashFetcher has easy interface and is easily managed. Once when you have tried it, you’d never stop using it.
Here are some key features of “FlashFetcher”:
■ Internet Explorer Integration
■ Easy and nice interface
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Facing issue in preg_match()

I am having issues with preg_match()
here is the link of the script –

I want it to display only the line that has “ABC” somewhere in it.
I dont know what’s going on here. Any help?
Thanks in advance.
P.S I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question.


Change your regex to this:
preg_match(“/ABC.*/”, $full_string);

The.* wildcard tells the preg_match function that you’re looking for anything. The word “ABC” is matched if it appears in the regex anywhere, so you just need to match it at the beginning or end of the string, like above.

# 2014 – zsh – scripts/install-miniconda

if test -f /usr/bin/env -i; then
echo “Nothing to install.”
mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
echo “Installing Miniconda…”
/usr/bin/python -m pip install –upgrade pip
/usr/bin/python -m pip install –upgrade conda
/usr/bin/python -m pip install