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Enjoy a new exciting shooter from the creators of Angry Birds Star Wars in a space shooter that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Space Ace is an action packed space shooter, where your goal is to be the last one standing. You are the only one who can save the universe and you’ll need to use the power of your ship and weapons, to kill as many enemies as possible.

IMPORTANT: Space Ace is a free game, however it contains a free trial version which can be used for 1 day. If you decide to continue using our software, a license key is required. This license key can be purchased in our software section.

Space Ace Features:

– Fantastic space shooting experience with lots of enemies and weapons
– Full motion 3D graphics, with a 2D side scroller for low-end devices.
– 10 of the most exciting levels with different themes and enemy types
– Game Center support for leaderboards and online play

Download Space Ace for free now from the app store, and please let us know if there are any features or bugs you would like to see in future updates.

Pentop – Free, Simple, Fast & Powerful File Recovery Software is a perfect software for all kinds of files and folders that can be restored from the recycle bin. By its powerful scan mode, you can easily and quickly recover files that have been deleted or lost, including system files, documents, videos, photos, archives and so on. It also supports scanning long files and folders.

Pentop can easily recover lost/deleted files and folders on your computer system. You can also select a specific folder and recover all the files in the folder. It also supports FAT and FAT32.

It can recover some types of media files like audio, video, documents, etc. Apart from recovery, it provides you with a “Preview” function so that you can view the content of the recovered files on your computer easily and quickly.

As for the interface, it is very intuitive and easy to use.

– Scan Mode: As mentioned above, you can choose any type of folder to be scanned. If you are looking for specific files, you can also choose specific files for recovery.

– Preview Mode: After recovery, you can preview the files you have just recovered. It is a perfect tool to recover files from lost hard drive.

– Open/Save Mode: Once you have found the files you need eea19f52d2

Make good use of the genuine installation of the free of charge software.
Checksum the checksum all at once or with the help of the search and select function.
Shows the checksum, file details, file size, block size, block offset, block length, and digests.
The program calculates hashes for files of the following types:
In addition to your own file hash, the program calculates the following hashes:
* CRC32
* MD5
* RIPEMD-160
* SHA-1
* SHA-256
* SHA-384
* SHA-512
* SHA-256
* SHA-512
The program has some limitations:
* It is not able to calculate hashes for the files of the following types: