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A powerful and handy math calculator application that is easy to use.
It is possible to define your own formulas and variables and perform calculations with the provided library or if you write them down.
It is possible to adjust the precision settings and to toggle between scientific and standard notation.
All the equations and the variables can be saved on your computer in an SMC (Specific Math Calculation) format.
You can also print your work.
Advanced features:
– Support for a customizable math library with more than 200 constants and variables and various formulas.
– Support for simple, scientific and algebraic form of calculations.
– Support for complex equations with defined variables and variables with defined equations.
– Support for non-integer numbers with defined precision.
– Support for unlimited numbers of decimal points.
– Support for any number of total decimal places.
– Support for matrix operations and trigonometric functions.
– Support for moving and multiplying elements of a two-dimensional matrix.
– Support for a full-screen display of the equation and the variables.
– Support for the output of a full-screen equation or a list of variable definitions to an output file or the printer.
– Support for simple and complex logarithms.
– Support for common and special trigonometric functions.
– Support for polar coordinates, parametric and polar equations.
– Support for the trigonometric identity sin 2 = 2 * sin(2).
– Support for a simple and complex root function.
– Support for working with matrices.
– Support for the Taylor series and the asymptotic expansion.
– Support for the iterative function.
– Support for the graph of functions of more than one variable.
– Support for the derivative and the integral of functions of more than one variable.
– Support for the differentiation and integration of functions of one variable.
– Support for the inverse functions.
– Support for the hyperbolic functions.
– Support for the exponential and logarithmic functions.
– Support for the power, sum and product functions.
– Support for the root and function power functions.
– Support for functions of one variable.
– Support for implicit functions.
– Support for the logarithmic derivative of the exponential function.
– Support for eea19f52d2

XLS Padlock is an Excel security tool designed to protect your worksheets from unauthorized changes and copying.
To use this program, you must have administrative rights on the machine.
XLS Padlock Version History:
– Compatibility with Excel 2007/2010
– Compatibility with.NET 4.0
– Compatibility with Excel 2007/2010
– Compatibility with.NET 4.0
– Fixed a compilation error with Office 2003
– Fixed a crash that occurred when Excel was closed
– Fixed a bug where shortcuts were not created in certain cases
– Reduced the size of the installer
– Fixed a bug where the installation was incorrect with certain version of Office
– Added a language translation
– Added a uninstaller
– Fixed a bug where the application may not start
– Fixed a bug where the application may not start in some cases
– Fixed a bug where the application may not start
– Introduced new features:
– Worksheets protection
– VBA editor protection
– Optimized UI
– New installer
– Better install support
– Fixed a bug where the settings file was incorrectly created
– Fixed a bug where the same settings were not created
– Inclusion of new documentation.
– New features:
– Worksheets protection
– New features:
– Worksheets protection
– New features:
– Worksheets protection
– New features:
– Worksheets protection
– Now using the.NET Framework version 4.0
– Uses Excel 2007 / 2010 classes
– Uses Word.NET classes
– Improved UI
– New features
– New features:
– Worksheets protection
– Optimized UI
– New features
– New features:
– Worksheets protection
– Optimized UI
– New features
– Fixed a crash that could occur when the last file was opened in Excel
– Fixed a bug where the application did not

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