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TrayIt! is an addon developed by Skid Software.
This add-on can create a small icon representing your favorite application on the Taskbar when its windows are minimized.
It’s a particularly useful addon for background tasks you typically keep running on your PC all day long like your favorite E-mail client, Real Player, etc.

Uninstall other addons:

Please note that some addons require TrayIt! to be uninstalled before you install another addon. In that case you should select that addon you wish to uninstall first before uninstalling TrayIt!.

Uninstall TrayIt! addon:

1. Click on TrayIt! icon on your nLite Addons Panel.
2. Click on “Remove” button.

Uninstall other addons:

1. Click on TrayIt! icon on your nLite Addons Panel.
2. Click on “Uninstall” button.

2. nLite TrayIt! Addon Installation

1. Select the addon(s) you wish to install:

Click on “Addons” and then click on “Add New” button.
2. Wait a moment while TrayIt! addons scan and download.
3. Click on the icon you want to install.
4. That’s it! You can now use this addon.

You can now click on the TrayIt! icon in your System Tray for the apps you wish to run in the background.
5. I hope it works fine for you.

A. Install TrayIt! first:
If you are installing this addon from the Addons Menu, the addon is already installed and ready to use in nLite. If you want to know if the addon is already installed on your system, all you have to do is to select TrayIt! from the Addons Menu, click on “Addon Manager” and then scroll down the list of all the installed addons until you see TrayIt!. If the addon is already installed, the addon manager window will be closed. If not, then the addon manager will pop up and you will be able to install the addon on your system.

B. Install TrayIt! second:
If you are installing the addon as an addon on your nLite Addons Menu, you can install the addon in either of two ways. eea19f52d2

Apex DVD Ripper is a freeware application that you can use to rip audio CD to the MP3, MP2, AC3, AAC, WMA, OGG and WAV format, rip DVD and rip DVD and DVD-5 (not included) to MP3, MP2, AC3, AAC, WMA, OGG and WAV.
The user interface of the program is clean and convenient to use. It lets you rip and convert your DVD or DVD-5 with ease. The program doesn’t have any bugs and the entire job is done in a very short time.
It’s a very simple tool and a free version is definitely a quality program.
The interface is modern and intuitive, is updated frequently and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP. But the program can’t rip video DVD or DVD-5 discs.
The media files can be imported into the list using the file explorer only, since the “drag and drop” method isn’t supported.
After you establish the output directory and the destination, you can select all the desired files and start ripping.
But you can also select video subtitles and audio tracks from DVDs. You can also edit video and audio settings to ensure that they fit the format and size of your MP3, MP2, AC3, AAC, WMA, OGG or WAV player.
Furthermore, you can mark the start and end position of the media files and delete them from the list when they’re ready.
Apex DVD Ripper has a wide range of presets for people who don’t have the DVD version of your discs.
The program only needs a small amount of system resources, can be used quickly, finishes a task in a very short time and generally maintains a good audio and video quality.
But the audio processing tool has several bugs. It has one or two crashes on encoding a couple of files and the help file is not available.
Apex DVD Ripper is a good and convenient program. If you have a problem, you can get help from the help file and the online forums.
Apex DVD Ripper Review:

+ Very easy to use.
+ The system requirements are easy to fulfill.
+ The program is updated regularly.
+ You can easily rip audio and video.
+ The interface is modern and intuitive.
+ Audio and video settings can be configured easily.
+ The conversion speed is fast.
+ The process is very simple