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With The Image Collector, browsing and downloading images from various online services is a piece of cake. There is no need to worry about file types, resolution, formats or any other parameters. Simply install and start scanning! The application comes with intuitive, simple and clean User Interface that enables you to manage the whole scan process, quickly find, view and download the images. It can be used to create its own categories of images from various online sources and save them to a specified location. All you need to do is to start The Image Collector and point it to the desired URL, open it in your browser and enjoy browsing the images! The Image Collector was developed to quickly satisfy the desire of online image search and download.
The Image Collector Specs:

Language: Multilanguage

Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

Supported Service: 4chan, tumblr, deviantART, Photobucket, Xhamster, Dailymotion, Metafora, Metacafe, Photobucket, Hotfile,,, Myvideo, Photowall, VisualJab,, huzefilm, Mioozm,,,,,,,, Datacart, Onedot, Thumbs.db, 10mdb, Bigvideo, Swift, Bigshare, Jiggy, 3g2, Zippyclan,,, Gorea, Xumbrella, Teendow,, 4g2, 3g2tube, Coolpeep, vidxden,, Vidible, DDLoops, Stormtorrent, Webtorrent, LiquidShare, Seedr, Whale,, Bona, Rarbg,, FileSonic, MediaFire, Rapidshare, Viduzi, Maxhost, MediaMax, NeoUpload, BitChute, Xunlei,, Sockshare,, Photobucket, Vimeo, Seedster, Hotfile, Ultrafast, Uploadrocket, Mobdro, Yogoop, Uploaddex, Massploader, Fotor, CouchPotato, N-Share, Astrum, Videojet, Sharepics eea19f52d2

Excel-to-Oracle was designed as a simple and straightforward tool for converting excel files to Oracle database. It is a handy utility that is available for free and is easy to download and install.
– Excel Conversion: Works for Excel documents and comma separated value files
– Set Oracle Database connection: Specify username, password, IP, database name, and port
– Save to database: Set the database name, username, password, and IP
– Print output: You can print the converted file to a text file, a printer or even send it to your e-mail.
– Statistics: Statistics and running time about the conversion
– Additional tools: Convert and export or import MS Excel files into SQL
Excel-to-Oracle Pros:
– Can be used with MS Excel documents and CSV files
– Free for home and commercial use
– Have a simple interface with clear instructions
– Supports a wide range of Excel files
– Easy to install and use
– Very well designed and easy to navigate
Excel-to-Oracle Cons:
– Runs on a CPU with less than 1 GB of RAM
Download Excel-to-Oracle:Q:

Returning success url after data saved, rails

Im trying to save a post, I have a form with a simple text field and a button, on submit i’d like to redirect to the edit_post_path if the data saved, but I cant seem to figure out how to redirect if the data saved, I’m using a new_post action in the controller.
here’s the form:

Here’s the controller:
def new_post
@post =[:post])
@post.user_id =
respond_to do |format|