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KeyMacro is an easy-to-use software solution that enables you to unlock the ability to use macros in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. KeyMacro will make macro programming accessible for all users, even those that have little or no experience in programming.
KeyMacro provides a powerful feature set, which includes AutoMacro and Macro Injector to help you build or update your macros. You can also use the powerful built-in Test Macro feature to test your macros.
As for the installation process, KeyMacro is a simple process that allows you to install the software directly from the internet. Using a system-recognized “service-type”, the program is installed and ready to use as soon as you click the installation button.
The program offers a wide array of features including:
• AutoMacro
AutoMacro is a feature that enables you to automatically generate and store an unlimited number of macros in your computer. With a simple click, AutoMacro will automatically build, edit and store all your Word, Excel and PowerPoint macros to ensure that any macro written by the user is easily accessible in future.
• Macro Injector
Macro Injector is an easy-to-use utility that allows you to inject a macro from a source file (a “.m” file) into a macro code library. It can be easily used to quickly and easily inject macros from a.m file into your existing macros, or to import a new macro library from an existing library. Macro Injector even allows you to edit macros in your existing library, and to test the modified macros before saving them into your existing macro library.
• IntelliMacro
IntelliMacro is a feature that provides an automatic way to keep your macros up to date. With a single click, it can automatically detect and update any changes to the source of your macros, which makes it a convenient and user-friendly feature.
• Macro Test
Macro Test is a feature that enables you to test your macros. With a single click, it will test macros to ensure that they work correctly and efficiently.
• Macro Analysis
Macro Analysis is an easy-to-use feature that allows you to quickly and easily check the performance of your macros. With a single click, it will calculate the total length, number of pages, number of objects, total execution time and memory usage of your macros.
• Macro Data Export
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How to set up the PROXIMITY mode for $400 Xiaomi Proximity Sensor in Android?
The Xiaomi Proximity Sensor $400 is a compact and easy-to-install hardware solution for creating a two-way communication system between the sensor and the device which you want to be alerted, through vibrations or lights. With the $400 Xiaomi Proximity Sensor you can control your smartphone, the computer and even the lights.
Here is how to install it on Xiaomi Mi 9/Mi 9e and Mi 9 Lite.

How to control $400 Xiaomi Proximity Sensor in Android?
There are lots of things to learn about the $400 Xiaomi Proximity Sensor $400. For example, how to open a connection with it through WiFi. How to configure it for a correct detection of the object’s distance.
Here is a guide on the Xiaomi Proximity Sensor $400.

Eliminate Processing Throttling for all Processes
Need to improve the performance of your device? If yes, consider the use of JetTask.JetTask is a multitasking software that helps you to accelerate your Windows device. It does this by suspending old processes in the background and then killing them while you work with the new application.
JetTask supports an automatic process management function for execution and termination of every running process on the PC (including background processes).
Add task
With JetTask you can create and manage your own tasks. You can also create a custom schedule so that JetTask will execute tasks at the desired time.
# Synchronize your tasks
# Shut down Windows – backup files, etc.
# Disable Windows features – reduce its efficiency
# Stop your computer – wait for booting
# Shut down Windows
# Add task
# Check task
# Change task
# Exit – Start your PC as usual
Some handy applications are:
# Wake up – reset computer and automatically run previously set tasks
# Remind – add a reminder to the agenda
# Weather – for any relevant news and updates about the weather
# Find keys – to find your hidden keys
# Clean (remover) – to clean your files and the registry

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