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To use this plugin, you must install the VST host software (Guitar Rig or other midi/audio/fx virtual instruments), and after, you only have to install the plugin.
The interface is created in the creative tab to make it as easy to use as possible.
– The settings are saved at each boot of the host software.
– The settings allow you to build your own sounds using many different filters (e.g. sine waves, resonant circuits, envelopes, etc) to build the desired sound (for more information you can refer to the manual which is available from the plugin website).
– In addition to the main parameters, there are many parameters that can be varied with the Piano keyboard (e.g. Octave, Sound, Freq, Pan, Roll, etc).
– There is also a great number of FX sends that can be used to generate the final sound.
– Finally, you have the classic way of controlling the oscillators with the Piano keyboard and the white keys.
The concept of the plugin is to imitate the sounds of an old electric piano (RS-330) and create a new version of it.
Here is a list of the most important differences between this new version and the original:
– The main sound is much more resonant and the old sound is almost absent.
– The frequency range is shifted towards low frequencies, and a new range for high frequencies (around the old ones) was created.
– The octave (or doubled octave) and the waveforms have been modified.
– The key-offs (before the sound) have been applied.
– The sound has a different thickness, and some of the notes have a different attack/release sound than the original.
– There are sounds that simulate the various effects (e.g. chorus, noise, flanging, etc) and FX sends that simulate the sound of the flipper.
NOTE: The low and high sounds created by this plugin have a lot of white noise in their creation (e.g. the sound of the compressor or the noise of the power supply). These sounds are used to create the “resonant” effect. This effect comes from the combination of the various resonant circuits that are used (the resonant circuit is a circuit that creates a resonant effect when it is driven by an oscillator. Different electronic circuits are designed to create these resonant effects).
Also, the effect can d82f892c90

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