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It is a program that helps you to automate the creation of macro’s. After creating a macro, you can have it automatically done for you whenever the keyboard is pressed.

JLS-Logger is a free, open-source, self-contained Java logging system which should be considered as a replacement for Java’s built-in logging facilities.

Back Orifice is a freeware remote control, virus and surveillance application for the Windows platform. It allows a remote computer to be controlled, altered and monitored from a single location.

Java Programming Using RGB LED Watch is a freeware Java programming example project that shows how to use the RGB LED Watch API to control an RGB LED Watch.

MP3 File Player is a standalone command-line and GUI application which aims to be a command line equivalent to the popular WinAMP MP3 Player. The application offers a clean and simple interface with some of the latest features such as gapless playback and looping.

SYLINK_AUDIO Description:
SYLINK_AUDIO is a command line or GUI application that allows you to use multiple audio streams simultaneously. You can set up different outputs to different formats or audio sources, and then use either one of them at a time to listen to the music of your choice.

VulnEye is a free and open source HTTP vulnerability scanner. It is built on Java and can detect more than 70 types of vulnerabilities, including OWASP Top 10 Security Controls, XSS, SQLi, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), LDAP injection, Remote File Inclusion, Open Redirects and other attacks commonly found in today’s Web applications. VulnEye is not only a web scanner, but also a fully featured and versatile security toolkit that includes a Web shell, an Active Directory scanner and an FTP server. The application can be configured via an XML file for you to specify the rules you wish to apply.


You can try log4net. It’s free and open source.

Have a look at the documention, it’s quite clear on what are its capabilities.


I am the developer of Log4j2.
I guess you are talking about developing a logger which will log to file or to socket.
In my case I didn’t develop a stand-alone application but a Java library that anybody can use in any project. 384a16bd22

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■ MAC address of the source workstation
■ Connection type (if non-local)
■ User ID if they are logged in.
■ Windows User Name
■ Windows Login Name
■ Remote IP address (optional, may be empty)
■ File open by user (if non-local)
■ Count of requests received for this connection
■ Total bytes read for this connection
■ Total bytes written for this connection
■ Remote MAC address of source workstation
■ Number of bytes read for this connection
■ Number of bytes written for this connection
Ryan Huff
Compiled on Sun Apr 5 15:20:22 CDT 1999
1.0a Fri Jul 22 16:06:35 CDT 1999
-*add user notification*-
■ If you do not wish to receive a notification when a file is opened or closed, set the response to “N”.
■ If you do not wish to receive a notification when a file is modified, set the response to “M”.
1. Copy the ug.dll to the ugadget.exes directory on the netware server.
2. If you do not wish to receive notification about disconnections, set the response to “N”.
3. Set the following option on the ugadget_loadopts command line.
Option1 = ugadget_mac
Option2 = ugadget_macaddr
Option3 = ugadget_useremotemac
4. If you do not wish to receive a notification of file activity, set the response to “N”.
*Automatically create UGadget options from registry entries*
*Must be an integer value*
Option1 – If the value is 0, UGadget will not load the MAC address.
Option2 – If the value is 0, UGadget will not load the MAC address.
Option3 – If the value is 0, UGadget will not load the MAC address.
Option4 – If the value is 0, UGadget will not load the MAC address.


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