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KEYMACRO is the best and most powerful macro recorder. This macro recorder can capture your mouse movements, keyboard keystrokes and text inputs on your computer. You can replay and edit these recorded activities anytime and anywhere. is an advanced and powerful macro recorder which can capture keyboard keystrokes, mouse movements and text inputs. You can replay recorded keystrokes and inputs whenever and wherever you want, just like the authentic keystrokes. is the first multilingual mouse recorder, which can not only capture your mouse clicks, but also the language of the left mouse button. allows you to re-record and edit the keystroke and keystroke combination you want. The entire keyboard layout including the keymap can be changed and the system language is not limited to English. is an advanced text input recorder. It can record any text you type on your computer, and then replay it. is the best tool for training your typing skills.

You may like to try KEYMACRO, as it is one of the most complete and powerful tools for recording mouse, keyboard and text actions. It captures mouse movements, keystrokes and text inputs. You can replay these activities at any time, and it also provides editing functions.

Short is designed for recording system shortcuts in Windows. It is the best tool for making professional Windows shortcuts. It captures the mouse movements and keyboard inputs, and also records text inputs. The recorded shortcut can be opened as a shortcut file that allows your computer to launch the program directly. Short Cut can also be downloaded to a USB drive, then you can customize it as you want. is a powerful mouse recorder that can record mouse movement and the mouse click. You can record mouse clicks of any window or the entire system. is the best and most comprehensive keyboard recorder. This program can capture your keyboard inputs, and display them on the screen. You can replay the recorded keyboard inputs at any time, and it also provides editing functions. is a great and easy-to-use macro recorder. It allows you to capture mouse clicks and mouse movements. It also captures the text inputs. With MouseMacro, you can also replay the recorded activities at any time, and it also provides editing functions. is a mouse recorder which can capture mouse clicks and mouse movements 84e02134c1

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KeyMacro is a freeware that allows you to create your own keyboard shortcuts and combinations. Instead of copy/pasting your texts, you can just press the hotkey, instantly! You can create up to 10 hotkeys to use in any application.
KeyMacro has a great UI, a full settings dialog, supports the ability to be added to the system tray (when available) and includes a great tutorial.
But it also has a free trial and limitations. During the trial, you can use 30 hotkeys and define 10 hotkeys (that’s 20 hotkeys in total). You can also have a maximum of 20 hotkeys assigned to you and 10 hotkeys defined. So you can’t save hotkeys after the trial.
As for the limitations, you can’t add hotkeys from other programs.
KeyMacro is easy to use: simply choose the hotkey you’d like to use and edit the text that goes with it. The text will be auto-inserted at the right time, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you want to, you can even choose to create multiple hotkeys so that you can select one of them at the desired time.
KeyMacro isn’t compatible with Microsoft Office 2000/XP, so for that reason, it is not possible to create hotkeys with that software. You can, however, use this software with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2012.
There is a discussion about the hotkeys feature in the forum:

Tillersoft ActiveWindow Shield Description:
Tillersoft ActiveWindow Shield is an ActiveX control that will hide the bottom panel of your web browser and show only the text in the address bar of your web browser and keep it always visible.
The idea behind this product is very simple.
1. Every web browser has an option to add your favorite address bar address (URL), toolbar, etc. to its bottom.
2. You should never leave the browser visible, because your visitors may get easily upset about that.
3. So, the problem is that our active windows (usually to display a web browser) will need to be visible

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