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KeyMacro is a GUI based tool that helps Windows users easily encrypt, decrypt and delete confidential files such as online banking and personal emails. You can encrypt and decrypt any file type with this tool and it provides easy to use encryption and decryption options. With KeyMacro you can encrypt files, create secure online storage accounts for your bank and financial documents, safely transfer and share your sensitive information, and easily delete them from any Windows system.

What’s new in this version:
Added language: Brazilian Portuguese
Added key length

An easy-to-use app that lets you check your system for trojans and other malicious software, as well as cleanse it from known threats. The program shows all detected threats on your system, allowing you to safely remove them.
We appreciate that it comes packed with a standard set of options that users with limited experience in such apps can adjust to their liking. The installation procedure is also effortless.
The app starts from an interface in which you can see all threats that were found by the program at startup, and select them for removal or ignore them. You can easily export all or just selected threats to HTML format.
The rest of the options address the list structure, from where you can access all the features. Some of them are:
– disable checking for updates
– limit the number of threat scans for daily, weekly and monthly options
– display information about your computer system
– show key details in the report, including the name of app that it is saved in, name of user, key length, total numeric, lowercase, uppercase and ASCII characters
– it is possible to set Password Security Scanner to display only keys with limited length or strength
– it is also possible to define the default space used for saving the report
– stop the threat check, as well as stop checking for updates if selected
– start the threat check, as well as check for updates if selected
– there is also a portable version available, in case you want to bypass the installer and run the app from any storage device.

A small and easy-to-use app that lets you clean your system from malware, spyware and other potentially unwanted programs. Threat Tracker removes all detected threats from your system, letting you safely scan it with minimal impact on computer performance.
The program displays all detected threats on your system at startup, making it easier for users with limited experience with malware to identify and remove them from your system.
Threat Tracker 384a16bd22

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Keyboard macro recorder and editor. Main features:
Text-to-Speech and Sound Effects. Keystrokes of a key on the keyboard can be added to one or more text files. Therefore, they can be played automatically, before the letter is sent to the recipient. You can use the following audio files:
– voice of man – real voice of man
– voice of woman – real voice of woman
– voice of children – real voice of children
– voice of animals – real voice of animals
– voice of robots – real voice of robots
– heart beat – regular heart beat
– heart beat – special heart beat
– happy and sad music – sad music, happy music
– thunder – the sound of the rain
– rain – the sound of the rain
– thunder (low volume) – the sound of the thunder (low volume)
– wind – wind
– sea – the sound of the sea
– rain (low volume) – the sound of the rain (low volume)
– sea (low volume) – the sound of the sea (low volume)
– light – light rain
– light – rain
– birds – birds
– wind (low volume) – wind (low volume)
– thunder (low volume) – thunder (low volume)
– rain (low volume) – rain (low volume)
– sea (low volume) – sea (low volume)
– light (low volume) – light (low volume)
– birds (low volume) – birds (low volume)
– thunder (low volume) – thunder (low volume)
– rain (low volume) – rain (low volume)
– rain (low volume) – water splashes
– birds (low volume) – birds (low volume)
– wind (low volume) – wind (low volume)
– thunder (low volume) – thunder (low volume)
– rain (low volume) – sound of rain drops
– sound of rain drops – water splashes
– sound of rain – raindrops fall
– sound of rain – water splashes
– sound of thunder – thunderclap
– sound of thunder – thunderbolt
– sound of wind – wind in trees
– sound of wind – wind in trees
– sound of ocean – sound of the sea
– sound of ocean – wave
– sound of waves – sound of the sea
– sound of sea – wave
– sound of ocean – wave

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