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GNS-3 is a graphical network simulator that you can use to create network connections made from multiple computers via LAN, by putting together designs with the workstations and important modules, establishing their relationships, embedding photos and text, and customizing various settings.
Customizable setup pack
The installation procedure takes a while to finish. Plus, GNS-3 lets you select the exact components you want to set up as well as to exclude the rest. These are WinPCAP, Wireshark, SolarWinds Response Time Viewer, Dynamips, QEMU, VPCS, GNS3 and SuperPutty.
Clear-cut and simple-to-use GUI
The main application window is large and has a neatly organized structure, allowing you to work with Ethernet switches and hubs, ATM bridges and switches, Frame Relay switches, along with EtherSwitch routers.
Design the project and customize settings
So, you can insert workstations and network components in the graphical display, re-arrange them in the design and create links between them, as well as set symbols and host names to identify them easier. Screenshots can be captured and saved to image files, while IOS tartup configurations can be imported and exported.
GNS-3 lets you start, stop, suspend, resume and reload all devices with one click. Plus, you can establish a console connection to all devices, add notes, embed pictures, draw rectangles and ellipses, as well as resort to handy networking tools. For instance, it is possible to quickly obtain a list with all devices in the network.
Evaluation and conclusion
We have not come across any stability issues throughout our evaluation, thanks to the fact that GNS-3 needs a low amount of CPU and memory to work. It did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. Although it may seem easy to work with, this piece of kit comes equipped with some advanced functions for managing graphical designs with network computers, so you might need some time to get used to it.
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Are you looking for a powerful tool to test your Internet connection? Have you ever wondered whether the Internet speed you experience at home or in the office is accurate? You know you need to check your Internet speed at home, but you canít stand to open the browser and manually check the connection speed in the evenings. You want to find a tool to monitor your Internet speed automatically, so 84e02134c1

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1) Automatically reboot computer after system restore point creation
2) Automatically restart computer after system restore point creation
3) Restores PC to specified state, i.e. windows default state
4) You can specify what level of system backup you want to make, such as: system/registry/user/perf information.
5) It can handle multiple restore points in a single restoration
6) The Restore Point Creator will automatically create a system restore point after booting your computer, so it won’t have to be done manually anymore.

System requirements:
1).NET framework 4.0 or later.
2) Windows 7 or Windows 8
3) The minimum system requirement of the application is 3.0MB.
4) Start from scratch.
5) Free.

Netregr – Portable Internet Connection in Windows
NETREGR is a small and simple tool for networking on your desktop with the following features:
1. Connect to Internet through wired or wireless modem with LAN interface
2. Monitor your connection speed
3. Change settings of your internet connection, including DNS server, gateway, etc.
4. Enumerate all your wireless access points
5. Detect wireless networks
6. Detailed information about wireless networks, including signal strength
7. Show route from your computer to the Internet
8. Detailed information about your connection, including current connection speed
9. Remove internet connection
10. Internet wireless connection fixer
11. Enable / Disable your internet connection
12. Change DNS server addresses.
13. Change gateway address
14. Change your internet connection type
15. Change your internet connection address
16. Display IP address of connected internet router
17. Listen active connections (only for tcp/ip sockets)
18. Display statistics about connections (for tcp/ip sockets)
19. Display statistics about active connections (for all protocols)
20. TCP/IP addresses
21. ICMP
22. Ports
23. UDP
24. Local Address
25. Local Port
26. Computer Name
27. Domain Name
28. Password
29. Username
30. Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
31. Network ID
32. Subnet Mask
33. Default gateway
34. Default gateway (IPv4)
35. Default gateway (IPv6)
36. DNS Server
37. IPv4 Address
38. IPv6 Address
39. MAC


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