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Value of the MAC key that is used to encrypt all key, to send data over the network. This key is set by you on the computer that executes KEYMACRO. There is also a version without sending the MAC.
The settings of the MAC key may depend on the client for which you are using KEYMACRO. These settings are not saved within KEYMACRO, since they are stored within the client.
The MAC key can be changed at any time with the ‘MAC’ command in the ‘key’ window.
You can also set a different MAC key for different communications. To do so, open a new ‘key’ window and specify a different MAC key for each new ‘key’ window.
KEYMACRO stores two files on the hard disk: one is the encrypted data, and the other is the MAC key. You can open the encrypted file by pressing Alt+3. The file will open in your text editor.

The MAC key file is a binary file. It is intended to be used for small files and should only be used for transmission via the internet. KEYMACRO keeps it on the hard disk to reduce load times when downloading.
You can open the MAC key file by pressing Alt+4. This file can be used to decrypt the data. You can change the MAC key at any time by pressing Alt+3.

If you are using KEYMACRO for the first time, a manual is presented at the start. It can be found on the start page of the KEYMACRO section.

WARNING: it is forbidden to change the MAC key. If you change it, the data you send over the network is no longer encrypted and can be read by others. Please do not make such changes yourself!

NOTE: MAC keys are for different communications! MAC keys are stored for different communications (internet, message communication etc.) at the same time! If you need to change the MAC key for some communication, use a different ‘key’ window.

NOTE: this is an English language version of KEYMACRO 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is an easy to use tool that creates a macro program based on a sequence of keyboard keys. Macros can be defined for specific commands in any applications. If the user presses a combination of keys, the macro will be executed.
KeyMacro supports a number of different languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. It is simple to install and use as it does not require any expert knowledge of Windows or any special skills.
KeyMacro 1.1 (15 Jan 2009) KeyMacro, a powerful macro program, is a solution to the problem that some users would like to perform very simple but yet time consuming tasks by using macro programs.
With KeyMacro, macros will no longer be a time consuming and complicated process. All the functions can be performed by simply clicking on a button or pressing a combination of keys.
KeyMacro is a great tool to use for a number of reasons, but the main reason why it is being developed is to make it easy for anyone to write, edit and compile macros.
Main features of KeyMacro
Create Macros in any applications – How does it work?
Create Macros in any application – How to write macros?
How to write macros?
Record and playback all keystrokes – What will KeyMacro do for me?
Compile and edit Macros – How to edit the Macros?
How to edit macros?
Record and playback selected keystrokes – What KeyMacro will do for me?
What will KeyMacro do for me?
KeyMacro can record and playback keystrokes in many different applications. It’s as easy as typing any macro code into the program and clicking on the “Record” button.
KeyMacro allows you to record the user input, therefore, it gives you the opportunity to perform a variety of actions from writing to deleting files. KeyMacro can record up to 10,000 keystrokes.
It can be useful for many users, from writing simple commands such as “COPY FILE” to record more complex ones like “COPY FILE TO C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\TEMP” and delete files with a simple “DELETE”.
KeyMacro 1.0
KeyMacro is a powerful Macro program that allows users to record keystrokes in applications such as word processors, web browsers, desktop editors and more. It records all pressed keys (keystrokes), including special


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