Remote monitoring of your home, business, network or location with NET Video Spy. Watch and record video without installing any additional hardware.
Why using NET Video Spy?
There is no more need for high-tech solutions.
Our monitoring software allows you to control, view and record live video from your computer, webcam or microphone. NET Video Spy supports multiple cameras.
There is no need to use multiple cameras in different locations, using NET Video Spy you will be able to monitor your property, your employees, your children, your home, your office, anywhere.
NET Video Spy is 100% secure. It only records video, and only you see your own activity. The only time it transmits data is when you want to control the device remotely, and the only time you see the activity is when you select to watch the recorded video.
NET Video Spy is portable. It supports almost all brands of PCs, and supports multiple windows.
NET Video Spy is easy to use. Just install and start recording. You only need to press the button for watching the recording.
NET Video Spy comes with a 50-day money back guarantee.
Why not learn more about it now, check out our demo.

Simple Streaming, Also Support MPEG, MTS, MKV, WEBM, etc.

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With NTVideo, you can stream video files from PC, and to watch live streaming video of TV, PC, Cable, Mobile, or internet, you need a PC with a web browser, cable TV, satellite TV, or an IP address.

NTVideo can be installed on PC, to play video files, or stream video.

It is a powerful, easy to use product. With the easy to use interface, it makes managing and transferring video much easier and more fun.

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NOTE: The price shown is for NTVideo software only, you can use other products at the same time, other products are not included, if you need other products, contact our sales team.

Can I use the license key for more than 1 computer?

Yes, you can install NTVideo on multiple computers and use it simultaneously. But the license key is not transferable.

How to install NTVideo?

Please read “installation instructions” document.

How to use NTVideo?

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xProcess is a versioned, integrated and accessible environment that gives your team the agility they need to deliver more projects on time, on budget, and with less.
xProcess enables agile planning, execution and post-delivery reporting by providing a single platform that serves as the foundation for organizations to manage projects, improve processes, optimize resource management and manage your project’s assets.
Work in progress (WIP) is simply not an option in today’s organizations. Everyone is trying to meet deadlines, and the organization suffers in the process. What if your processes could actually optimize your time and resources, enhance your project management, and maximize the value of your project assets?
Organizations must start adapting their processes to fit a changing marketplace where projects are common place, delivering more with less time, faster. xProcess is a process improvement and project management solution that maximizes project agility, improves the processes in the enterprise, optimizes resource management and manages your project’s assets.
Acronyms that may be used:
xProcess – Project Process Management System

X-Process is a Project Process Management system that can be used by all organizations regardless of size. It’s designed to enable organizations to develop a process-oriented organizational culture that can adapt to the dynamics of the marketplace. It provides a single platform that serves as the foundation for organizations to manage projects, improve processes, optimize resource management and manage your project’s assets.

What do you need to get started?

Standard Edition includes everything you need to get started right out of the box, without downloading anything, no setup, no software, no nothing.

Professional Edition includes all the essentials plus:

Time Doctor

Resource Manager

Backup Manager

There is a 30 day money back guarantee

Request a free demo here and we’ll send you a registration code to start you on your way to success.Q:

call an UIViewController method within a NSFetchedResultController

I have a UIViewController that is the result of a search controller. I want to update the UI after searching the items. Is there a way to have the NSFetchedResultController update a UIViewController? In my experience, I haven’t had any success calling a controller’s method within a NSFetchedResultController.
Any ideas?


The UIViewController in question will have to

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